insta friday 3.29.13


Wow…two weeks in a row of Insta-Fridays.


Our Church starts at 8am. It’s kind of early, but not too early for fishnets.



Our two-week Spring Break ended and it made me sad to turn the alarms back on.


Yes, I have alarms set to remind me to pick my kidlets up from school. Doesn’t everybody?


The weather is almost perfect this time of year. The trees are green and flowers are blooming.


It will be even better when the pool is warm enough for swimming.


This little guy has been hanging out at the airport by our house. The kidlets and I did a little off-roading to get a better look at him.


It makes me smile every time I see it.


The Man-Child had his Concert Band performance this week.

Concert Band is Marching Band without the cool uniforms and marching.


They really sound good and they look like they have fun performing together.


The Man-Child played the Canon, otherwise known as the marching bass drum, during “1812 Overture”. He has tried all year long to break the head on that drum (with the permission of the band director). I really thought he would finally do it during this concert as hard as he was trying. He didn’t.


Drum 1 – Man-child 0


On Thursday morning I saw the Minion Blimp was flying. When I picked Hammie up from school he and I went on a blimp chase. For as slow as a Blimp flies it isn’t easy to get a picture of the front.



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  1. I smile whenever I see that Blimp, too.

    Maybe I need some fishnets for Sunday.