can you spell bee?

On Thursday was our school district’s annual Spelling Bee.

When your child is going to be in the Spelling Bee it might be a good idea to double check the date of the Spelling Bee and not rely on your child to know the actual date. In our case Einstein told me that the Spelling Bee was on the 17th of January. So off we went to the Performing Arts Center and nobody was there. Keep in mind that Einstein had just looked at the paper with all the information about the Spelling Bee to make sure of the start time and still hadn’t noticed the date…IN BIG BOLD LETTERS.

So finally on the right day we headed to the Performing Arts Center.


This is Einstein’s second time to make it to the District level. Last year he had a less than stellar performance. I think most of his nervousness was being worried about the same thing happening this year.

The Spelling Bee started with 18 kids. There were kids from the 4 elementary schools, the middle school and the jr. high school in our district.

The first round was pretty brutal and 10 kids were eliminated.

Einstein spelled EXTERMINATE


In the next round Einstein spelled ANXIETY (how appropriate for a Spelling Bee).


The third round he spelled UNFORESEEABLE.


By the fourth round there were only 4 kids left and Einstein spelled TACITURN, incorrectly. It’s amazing how loud that little bell sounds when it’s your child that misspelled the word.


He was fairly happy about a fourth place finish and felt even better that the kid that won was the boy that beat him in their school competition.

And if you are wondering why all the pictures are blurry…

It isn’t just the kids up there spelling that get nervous.

Y’all it’s hard being a Mom.


  1. I think I would have had to have a piece of paper to spell it out on and then I wouldn't have gotten it.

    He should be so proud!!!!
    Way to go MR!