Santa Claus is Coming to…the Mall

I can’t believe I have had this post sitting as a draft for a couple of weeks. I really am trying to avoid Christmas this year…

We made our tradition trip to visit Santa at the Mall for Family Home Evening (on the 3rd of December).

You aren’t supposed to use your camera to take pictures, but I wanted a few candid shots of the kidlets actually talking to Santa. I know, I’m such a rebel.

I like how LaLa is checking out the décor while Santa is talking to Ham.

I think maybe she got Santa and the Tooth Fairy confused. Or maybe she was bored listening to Einstein chat Santa up.

Roo came closer to get her chance to talk to Santa.

I didn’t feel guilty taking my own pictures since I forked over cash for the official Santa picture.

Look how cute they are!

After we were done visiting with Santa we headed to Hallmark for the kidlets to pick out their ornaments for the year.

I’m glad that the store was empty when we got there so the kidlets could swarm the ornament display.

It’s tough choosing just the right one.

LaLa was obsessed with The Polar Express when she was tiny. She thought about getting the ornament, but found an Angel one that she liked better.

I think Hammie has the hardest time choosing one.

It’s tough when there are so many good ones.


The ironic thing about this post? The ornaments we got 2 1/2 weeks ago are the only ones on our tree. Yep we have a 9 ft tree with 6 ornaments, a ribbon garland and a few paper snowflakes.

We are seriously simplifying things this year!

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