You Know Who You Are…

I like my family and I think we are pretty special…and I’m not shy in letting everyone know how I feel.

Apparently there are other people who like to make us feel special, but they are a little more shy about letting us know who they are.

On Thanksgiving morning there was a knock at our door.

When we opened the door there was a big bag of popcorn with the following note:

In the bag there was a gift card to Harkins Theatres.

It was such a nice surprise!

On Monday evening we had fun going to see Rise of the Guardians.

Everyone really seemed to like the movie. Unfortunately I was just starting to come down with the flu and slept through most of it. Since the person was so generous with the gift card I will be able to go back another time and watch it.

It was a great start to our Christmas celebrations.

Einstein was able to make the night even more fun at the mall.

So Thank You to whoever you are for a fun night we were able to spend as a family

I appreciate your joy in giving an anonymous gift, but it’s really driving me crazy not being able to thank someone for such a thoughtful gift.



  1. That is so awesome.
    I love good people who do good things.
    You have an amazing family and certainly deserve an extra Thanksgiving treat. Love you all!

  2. what a sweet gesture. glad you all got to have a great night out!