There has been a lot going on here this last week.


We have missed watching the Olympics, good thing LaLa and Ham put on an impromptu synchronized swimming show for us.



We had a pretty nasty dust storm blow through one night. The next morning not only was the pool pretty messy with leaves, but also deck chairs.



Our 3rd percussionist of the family is in the making.


As a Mom it’s pretty cool listening to my kidlets working together and giving pointers to each other.


So I was getting a little tired of everyone else getting all the attention.


It’s actually an old injury that flares up every couple of years and I get to spend a few weeks dragging this crazy boot around.

This time I have the added fun of Plantar Fasciitis in my left foot. At night I’m supposed to wear both boots.


I haven’ t made it a whole night with both of them on. One is a bit annoying, but 2 takes it over the top to annoying as hell.


It’s been a bit warm here lately.



It’s too warm to not feel good, but that didn’t stop LaLa from getting an ear infection.


It was so bad that it had her in tears. Poor Thing.


You know it’s going to be pretty warm if it’s 98 degrees in the morning.



We are getting close to 2 years since we found out that Einstein has Celiac. We are still experimenting with new things to replace things that we miss…like flour tortillas.


Well rice flour tortillas aren’t as good as we wanted them to be. Boo.


Ham would rarely sleep in church when he was a baby.


I’m glad he doesn’t have a problem sleeping in Church as a 5 yr old.


Roo started taking a Cake Decorating class in an after-school program.


Not only did they look good, they tasted freakin’ awesome too.


Did you hear about the huge meteor shower? Well if you are going to take your kidlets out late at night to watch for falling stars it might be a good idea to take mosquito repellant with you.

Poor Ham was eaten alive.

The next afternoon I had given him some Benadryl to help with the itching.


It helped…


I thought maybe I was having hot flashes at night. Apparently not.



On a normal school day I spend a lot of time driving. When it’s a half day it’s down-right silly.


I did take a nap that afternoon to reward myself for my busy morning.


Maggie and Mollie spend a lot of time sleeping in the Girlies bed.


I think they have claimed it for their own and let Roo and LaLa borrow it.


If you want me to vote for you DO NOT leave trash taped to my front door.


Even if I liked you I probably wouldn’t vote for you after this little trick.


My fingernails don’t usually grow very well, but lately they look kind of nice.


I’ve had fun playing with my OPI collection.


I love these kidlets.



Are you an Instagram junkie like me?



  1. I love you guys so much.
    I missed getting to see the shooting stars because of the smoke...bummer.
    I am so excited about Roo's baking classes. I think it is awesome that she is doing it.
    Love you lots

  2. We had a few storm blow through our town as well, and a few of our long chairs were in the pool... It wasn't all that fun trying to get them out of the pool...

  3. Well I'll say that's a lot to have going on! I wish I were an Instagram junkie- then I might actually have photos for my darn blog! I am not high-tech enough for Instagram. Perhaps someday I'll have more than a pay-as-you-go cell phone. Sigh.

  4. That is hot!
    I'm not sure I would be able to cope with it.

    Sorry about your feet. That would be obnoxious to sleep in!