My favorite part of being a SAHM is definitely the Mom part, but the stay-at-home part comes in a real close second.


This week has been the perfect storm of crazy that has made the stay-at-home part a rare commodity.

Monday morning started with dropping Big Daddy off at a doctor’s office to have a little surgery to remove some skin cancer from his cheek. The surgery was going to take a few hours so I left him there and went home.

I was home long enough to pick Einstein up for an appointment at the orthodontist. He had a broken bracket and while we were there getting it fixed the doctor was nice enough to take care of an appointment that was coming up next week...and “accidently” popped his last baby tooth out. Which was perfect because that morning I had pulled one of Ham’s teeth, so at least we were consolidating trips for the Tooth Fairie.


I had just got back home and Big Daddy called to say he was done. What?!? The surgery was supposed to be a few hours. I hope that means good news. I drove back and pick him up and the bandage wasn’t as big as I expected.


He did show me pictures of the surgery site and the stitches. You’re Welcome for not sharing with you…So gross.

I got him home and comfortable and resting.


Then I took the kidlets shoe shopping…yep all 5 of them.


I was home for a short time and it was time to take the Babies to the elementary school for Meet the Teacher/Curriculum Night (really dumb idea to combine both things in one night).

We started at Ham’s classroom and it wasn’t really Meet the Teacher, because she has taught all five kidlets. Ham is soooo excited to be in her class.


Then we went to LaLa’s classroom and it was another familiar face since she had been Roo’s teacher just a couple of years ago.


Then we made a stop to visit the speech teacher. She has been working with LaLa for a few years and now gets to have both of them. I wonder if they get to go at the same time? That would be awesome.


I dropped the babies off at home and picked Einstein up for his Meet the Teacher, which is really Meet the Teachers, since he has a bunch of them. And since we go to each classroom, just like his schedule, we were there for.E.V.E.R.

And that was just Monday…

Tuesday was a little more calm.

The Man-Child had an appointment to get his stitches removed.

(yes that is the same wrist I just accidently took the bottom picture upside down)


And finally got his heavy plaster cast replaced with a smaller version.

Of course he wanted to show his school spirit with his cast.


Then later that afternoon Roo had her Meet the Teacher at the middle school. Thankfully we were able to walk over there and I didn't have get back in my subooboo.

After that it was time for the Man-Child’s Meet the Teachers at the high school. It still makes my stomach hurt to type “high school”.

We had his schedule and off we went to find all his classrooms.


It was by far the longest Meet the Teacher of all of the kidlets.

Finally my Tuesday was over.

And you know how my Wednesday morning was like.

The kidlet pick-up routine starts by picking Ham up. Then a couple hours later it’s time to pick up the Man-Child. Then off to pick-up LaLa. Wait for Roo to get home. Then go pick up Einstein.

And spend the whole afternoon in situations that look like this:


Thursday looked a lot like Wednesday…get everyone to school, instead of driving Roo I drove Einstein (stupid bus drivers), spend the morning at the hospital, leave in time to get Ham and then continue the pick-up routine, then add a stop at the Man-Child’s doctor to get a note so he can participate in his PE class.

I look forward to being a SAHM again instead of a SITCM (stay in the car Mom).


  1. Wow you have been very busy this week... I agree i do enjoy being a SAHM, but i am enjoying the SITCM as well, due to the fact my children are getting older,. Miss Em will be going to graduating from HS very soon... Before i know it, won't have NO more kids at home to drive around.....

  2. Did you leave out the trips to check on dad!
    I couldn't figure out what a SAHM was...took me a minute.
    You are an amazing mom that is for sure!

  3. It made me laugh because I read SITCM as SITCOM, which is what my life feels like most of the time!

  4. Being a SAHM is a lot easier in the summer.

    Does Roo like Mr. R. so far?