Change is Good?!?

This week our summer comes to an end as we get ready for school to start.

I usually have mixed emotions as we get ready for the school. This year there is only one emotion…an overwhelming sense of “What the What?!?”

I’m not sure how it happened, but my kidlets are growing up. It really hits home when a new school year starts and I realize how old they are getting.

This year Ham says goodbye to his pre-school.


I’m so sad to be leaving this school. LaLa started going there 4 years ago and Ham has gone there the last 2 1/2 years. We have had the most amazing teachers that have made a huge impact on our family. Thank you Miss Nancy, Miss Molly and Miss Kim!

Now Ham is headed to Kindergarten…I know?!? It’s crazy. (gotta love the squinty face picture)


He will now be going to the elementary school where all the other kidlets have gone.


And LaLa is going to finally be the big kid at the school.


She is the only one that isn’t changing schools this year.


And Roo is saying goodbye to the elementary school…and the only school she has ever gone to…


And moving up to the middle school.


We had a meeting at the middle school the other night and the principal and a couple of teachers were excited to find out there was a Chaos Girly after having the Man-Child and Einstein the last few years.

There have been a few exciting changes happening at the middle school and I think she will have a pretty amazing year.


Einstein has been a little jealous when he heard about some of the changes that he will be missing since he is saying goodbye to the middle school…


And heading to the jr. high.


He has his schedule and has been studying a map of the campus so he won’t get lost changing classes. He was also pretty excited to see that he was placed in the Symphonic Band this year since that is usually only for the 8th graders.


The Man-Child has ensured him that having all those teachers isn’t as hard as it seems at first.

And he should know since he is saying goodbye to the jr. high…


And moving to the high school.


Holy Hell…I now have a child in high school.


He has spent the last couple of weeks at marching band practice and has met new friends and is ready for the school year to get started.


Again I have 5 kiddos in 4 different schools. Crazy!

Our district has a pretty unique set up. We have 4 elementary schools that are kindergarten through 4th grade, the middle school for 5th and 6th grade, the jr. high is 7th and 8th grade and the high school is 9th through 12th grades.

It’s nice because once you start 5th grade in our district you are with the same group of kids for the rest of your time in school.

The only negative thing is since the middle school and jr. high are only for 2 years my kidlets never have siblings going to the same school for those 4 years. And in the Man-Child’s case he won’t have a sibling at the same school until he is a junior.


Yes we start school in July. Our school district is on a modified-year-round schedule. We have a 2 month summer break and then in 8 weeks we have a 2 week fall break, 8 weeks of school and a 2 week Christmas break, another 8 weeks of school and spring break, and a final 8 weeks of school.

We Love, Love, Love our schedule.


Yes, the pictures are blurry on the right side. After running around taking all of these pictures I realized that I had a huge smudge on my camera lens. So frustrating! Everyone was very cooperative taking the pictures the first time and I didn't think that would last if I said we had to go do them all over again. I tried a little creative editing to make it look like it’s on purpose. So just pretend you didn’t notice the blurry and just thought it was creative editing…m’kay?


And on a final note you can see the names of the schools where the kidlets go…please don’t stalk us.



  1. Humm.. I hasn't thought of stalking until you suggested it..

    1. So should I get a restraining order now or later. ;P

  2. And here I thought the smudge was on purpose.

  3. I also the the smudge was on purpose as well...
    Oh and you have middle school and jr. high? Wow....

  4. Holy Hell!
    My baby is 21. I wanna cry.

    Looks like they are ready for school.
    Not sure if I would like year around school.
    My DIL loved it.

    1. I am afraid how fast 21 is going to get here. waaaaahhhh

  5. Can I stalk you?
    Love you and your "Kids." I would love to see you all! Love your guts!

    1. You? Yes you can stalk me, but bring your hubby and baby with you!

  6. Holy Hell is right! How can "our" babies be getting so big!
    I am so excited for all of them.
    Love you lots!