We celebrated Big Daddy for Father’s Day. Is that not a handsome family?!?


I saw the idea for this poster on a blog. I don’t remember where so I can’t link back; I know I’m a bad blogger. I know it was on Pinterest also. How do I know that? Because I know of at least 3 other dads that got the same poster. Big Daddy loved it and was kind enough to share some of the treats.



I posted this picture on Wednesday.


I want to know where that forecast for Sunday and Monday went!?!


I must say that the weather quite tolerable when you are either in air conditioning or the pool, but dragging the kidlets out and about isn’t too fun.



We found this little friend in our backyard.



These 2 boys have been best buddies this week. I think they are both missing Einstein while he is at scout camp.



The kidlets have slept on the floor more than they have slept in their beds this summer. Silly kidlets.



When Big Daddy leaves for work in the morning (which some days is VERY early) Maggie thinks I need to be awake also. She will climb up on me and lay there and cry until I wake up. I don’t need to wake up early! My kidlets are more than happy to sleep in, why can’t my cat?



Speaking of cats. Mollie is more than happy to exist in the same house as us, but that’s about it. On a very rare occasion she jumped up on my lap and began grooming. It was fascinating and very disturbing at the same time.



This boy lost his first tooth today.


You are probably thinking, “Wait, I know that he has a cute gap-tooth smile.” But that doesn’t really count because that tooth was injured and had to be pulled by the dentist. This was the first fall-out-on-it’s-own tooth. He woke up this morning and it was gone. I was afraid that maybe he swallowed it and  LaLa quickly came to the rescue and wrote a note for the Tooth Fairy. With a quick search of the blankets I found his tooth and it is safely waiting for the Tooth Fairy to show up tonight. I really hope she shows up tonight…



  1. Oh my goodness our baby is really loosing his teeth!
    Love all the pictures this week.

  2. Sorry, that was me praying for no rain this weekend. On the upside Taylor heard the monsoons were supposed to hit heavy this summer.

    I loved that candy bar poster.

    My dogs think we need to wake up early too.