Don’t Stop Believing

Last night was the final band concert for the year. I can’t tell you how thankful I am that they schedule the middle school and the jr. high concerts together.

The concert started with the middle school beginning band and then moved to the advanced band.

There is my percussionist in the advanced band way back there.


Then the Symphonic Band from the jr. high came on stage to join them for a song.

It was a proud Momma moment to have them both on stage.


See there they are.


After that the jr high bands took the stage.

For the first song of the Symphonic Band they had all the percussionist together on the marimba and the xylophone.


Mr J from the jr high uses this concert to give awards to members of the 2 jr. high bands.

This year Big J won the “Outstanding Musician of the Year” for the Symphonic band. Yay!


It’s funny how a drum set in your bedroom makes you more willing to practice…

This is Einstein’s last year with Mrs. B since he will be moving to the jr. high next year.


But she doesn’t need to be sad since Roo is going to be taking his place next year.


I love my silly Drummer Boyz.



  1. That is so neat.
    and congrats to "J", I am sure that your were smiling from ear to ear.

  2. “Outstanding Musician of the Yea" way to go "J".. : )

  3. Congrats to the musicians in your family.
    You get an award for being the awesome mom to have the drum sets. YIKES.

    Cute kids!