Beyond Well Pleased

***Warning: This post is completely filled with BRAGGING. I am nothing if not an extremely proud Momma***

Yesterday was the last day of school for the kidlets. They decided that they would all wear shirts from the schools the will be going to next year since four out of the five kidlets are moving to different schools.


They all had an amazing year at school and I look forward to spending as much time as possible with them this summer.

I’m going to start my bragging with the youngest and work my way up.


Ham had an great year in pre-school. When the first letter came home about the scheduled Kindergarten Transition Meeting I wasn’t sure if I was ready for my baby to be in Kindergarten. The progress he made this year was mind-boggling and he is more than ready to be a Kindergartener.



On Wednesday the girlies had their award assemblies.

LaLa got perfect attendance this quarter. This child loves going to school. I took her out of school a few minutes early one day to go see a movie and I didn’t think she would be able to relax and enjoy the movie because she was so worried about missing school…for a few minutes.



It’s Roo’s last year at elementary school and she had a great year.

She had perfect attendance for this quarter also. (when did I turn into that Mom?)


She also got student of the month for April. The letter that her teacher wrote was so nice, I can only imagine how great it had to be for Roo to hear the principal read it during announcements for the whole school to hear.


And she isn’t just another pretty face, she has the brains to back up her beauty and she made the Principal’s Honor Roll.



Einstein had a remarkable year. He is such an amazing young man.

His band teacher gave out two Outstanding Musician awards and he earned one of them.


He also made the Principal’s Honor Roll.


And since he made the Principal’s Honor Roll all 4 quarters he also received the President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence. He maintained a 4.0 average all year long.


And to finish off his awards his ELP teacher gave out three ELP MVP awards and he earned one of them.


When his ELP teacher was talking about what an awesome kid he is and then the band teacher got up and said not only was he everything the other teacher said, but also a very talented musician I couldn’t help but cry. You know that your kids are amazing, but when you have other adults in their lives acknowledge it it just hits that Proud Momma spot.


And finally Big J…

He was given the Outstanding Musician Award at the last concert of the year.


He also earned Principal’s Honor Roll for the year, which for the Jr. High means he had to have over a 4.0 average. Pretty impressive with a schedule filled with honors classes.

They weren’t able to give out the certificates at the award assembly because the school had printed out the certificates with Principle’s List…DOH. Maybe they should have had one of the kids from the list spell-check them.


And then to top off all the other awards he got his Certificate of Promotion


and will be moving to High School next year.


I hope they are able to relax and have a little bit of fun this summer, they earned it.


For some reason I don’t think they will have a problem with that.


  1. I love your sweet family!! They are so stinking smart!! It must come from David's side of the family. Loves for all of them!!
    Now that school is out are you all about ready to come see me????

  2. It's okay to brag, they done good!

  3. I think you have rather good reason, and every right to brag a bit. All impressive accomplishments for sure! What a good bunch of kids you've got there. Give me some tips on how to help kids become that way, 'cause right now I'm afraid we're on a course for bringing up serial killers or at least chronic bad attituders.

  4. You should be proud! They have been so busy.

  5. brag all you want. YOU have some wonderful kids....