InstaFriday…On Saturday


I am a day late joining Jeanette over at Life Rearranged for '>InstaFriday. Better late than never, right?


The kidlets all bright and shiny on Easter.



I finally took the Boyz to see The Hunger Games.


I’m not going to get into the book vs. movie debate. I like the books and I like the movie.

And if I see one more Team Peeta/Team Gale comment I am going to look for a nest of tracker hornets. This isn’t Twilight. Twilight is garbage. If there was going to be any team it should be Team Katniss.

The End…as she steps off her soapbox


Poor Harley is old…and decrepit. Some days it’s even too difficult for him to make it on his dog bed.


Mollie doesn’t mind making sure the dog bed gets used.


My purse is a MESS. I was digging through it looking for something and was ashamed.


I think I might have found part of the problem with the amount of crap in there.



Einstein got to dissect a pregnant dog shark in his ELP class.


I thought it was gross and wasn’t too happy that he brought home a dead baby shark.

He thought it was awesome.

I guess there are some days that a Mom isn’t always right.


Speaking of gross.


How does she do that with her thumb? And why?


It’s a good day when you have one of these…


That gets turned into one of these…



Are you on Instagram?

I’m there as @embracethechaos

Can you tell I have my favorite Instagram filters? Maybe I should branch out a little.


  1. I think we got the same Smashbox lip gloss set.

    Connor is excited to do the sharks. Not me.

  2. I love your family...and posts like these make me miss them horribly. Give everyone loves from me!