I am joining Jeanette again at '>InstaFriday 

I can’t believe I let another week go by without posting. Good thing Jeanette is keeping me going.


There is a reason I live in the desert. This is one of them…


The weather is just perfect.


Silly Roo.



If you have been around the Chaos for awhile you know about Ham and his challenges.

Well I can check another thing off my list of worries with him.

He decided that he was ready to read…


And now he loves to sit and read to himself. It’s pretty amazing.


LaLa had a rough day at school yesterday.

One of Roo’s friend accidently knocked her tooth out. The tooth was a little loose, but a long way from being loose enough to pull out. Then as they were coming out to me the tooth was lost.

But the best part is the tooth that is left is so loose it is hanging by a thread…and of course it wasn’t knocked out.


And she went to school today with it still hanging there.

She wouldn’t let me just pull it out.


I think I need to teach the cats about being ladylike.



There has been so much going on here. Nothing that I want to share over the ol’ blogosphere.

But there are days that I feel


I’m sure things will get back to normal soon…I hope.


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  1. do I really have to use a code???

  2. the answer is no...
    No verification...YEA!!!!

  3. I love instagram.... : )
    Oh and Chaos are my boys favorite .

  4. That is a stinkin' cute toothless grin.
    I'm sure that it's about to get cuter.

    Ya, overwhelming....I'm feeling a bit of that too.
    No need to share on the 'sphere, totally understand.

    I still haven't figured out the charm of instagram. I need someone to enlighten me.

  5. Way to go Ham! That is awesome.

    I'm not ready for it to be this hot yet.

    Sorry you have stuff going on. I hope things get better.