Hair’s To Today…Yesterday

One of the benefits of 2pm Church is that there is plenty of time to take pictures of the Girlies and their cute hair.
I saw a cute ‘do on Babes in Hairland that was just begging to be done on LaLa.
Don’t you love the picture of my bobby pin placement?
For Roo I did a quick twist and pulled it back with a flower from All Things Ribbon.
Cute girlies ready for Church.
Another look at how cute it is.
The other nice thing is that it stayed in all day on our lazy spring break Monday and still looked cute.



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  2. Cute hair!
    Very clever. It looks like they enjoy having their hair done too.

    I bet you weren't sad about the daylight savings change either.

  3. Love, LOVE Lalas hair. You seriously amaze me so much on the fabulous do's you can do. I am a hair retard. No really. I struggle so much to just be able to keep the hair smooth for a freaking pony tail. HOW do you keep it SO tight and smooth? S'pose it doesn't help that my child REFUSES to let me do her hair. But whatever.

  4. so darn cute! Oh, and the hair is awesome!