Hair’s to Today

Apparently I’m not organized enough to take pictures of LaLa’s hair before school. It just isn’t on the list of priorities right now. I will try to get that list adjusted so I don’t skip the important stuff.
Lately I have been having so much fun with dutch braids or outside french braids. I think they are so cute on girls.
Today LaLa was going to a birthday party so I wanted something cute, easy and would keep her hair out of the way while she was playing.
And voila…
Just two simple dutch braids connected at the bottom with a little flower.
And with her crazy, thick hair the braids are nice and juicy (if it’s possible for hair to be juicy).
And it stayed nice and neat.
That’s right I took these after a 3 hour birthday party.

1 comment:

  1. she is so darn cute!
    Hope she had a good time at the party.