An Almost-Birthday That Can’t Be Beat

Tomorrow is Big J’s birthday.
We started celebrating today…because who wouldn’t want a birthday weekend?!?
He knew we had a little surprise for him, and it was killing him not knowing what was going on.
We started with a little visit to Grandma Jo. She is recovering from surgery and probably won’t be visiting us tomorrow so we thought a visit from all of us would help her heal quicker. I went the long way to her house so he wasn’t quite sure where we were going or if it was the only stop we were making. He had fun opening his gift from them.
What teenage boy doesn’t need cash and candy?!?
After we left Grandma and Grandpa’s house we made a quick drive to Main Street. I turned down the wrong street so we had a little walk to get to where we were going.
It was busy on Main Street and it was nice to see so many people shopping and eating.
We got to Milano’s and completely surprised Big J with a gift he has been wanting and waiting for…and didn’t think he would be getting any time soon.
The look on his face when he saw that this drum set was for him was priceless. He was completely shocked.
When I saw how much space it takes up in the suburban I got a little nervous.
As soon as he got home he got it all set up and immediately started playing.
And is a very happy almost 14 year old.


  1. How very cool! That had to be awesome to see his face.
    Happy Birthday Big J!

  2. What a fun surprise for him!!