Menu Monday

Anne Taintor cooking

It’s time to get back to menu planning. It shameful to think about some of the meals that we have eaten in the last couple of weeks. There may or may not have been meals that consisted of mainly cheeseballs.

I look forward to being a little more organized and eating actual meals.

  • Monday – Meatless Monday Baked Pasta
  • Tuesday – Tostadas
  • Wednesday – Breakfast for dinner. It will include eggs and bacon and who knows what else.
  • Friday – take out
  • Saturday – ???
  • Sunday – Roast & Potatoes and Carrots

I think everyone has a baked pasta recipe. The one I have is labeled “Baked Ziti” but we rarely have gluten-free ziti in the house. I don’t think it matters what shape the pasta is in. Throw it together and bake it.

I haven’t mentioned it in awhile but I don’t usually plan anything on Saturdays. I never know what Saturday will bring so it’s just easier for me not to plan and who knows what will happen. The kidlets are so happy when I end up saying we are having pancakes for dinner.

And blessed Sunday…I don’t know what I would do without a crock-pot. We just changed to the 2pm meeting time. That means we get home from church after 5pm and everyone is starving. I just need something that I can throw on the table as quickly as possible.


  1. 2 PM meeting time? ARGGGHHHHH!
    I thought ours was bad last year when we were 1.
    We're now 9 and I can't help but think the church might be a little bit more true at that time.

    I love your menus.
    Even though I don't have little ones at home anymore my hubby asked me yesterday if I couldn't put a menu up like I used to so he would know what to fix if he got home from work before I did.

    I'll be checkin' Mondays to keep inspired!!!!

  2. I need to do this in the New Year as well. Can't cut back our budget if I don't cook!

    And we may (or may not) have enjoyed a few cheeseball meals around here too. I love me some cheeseball!

  3. Love your menu plans, esp. when you include recipe links!
    It helps at my house so much when I plan a menu. Really seems to help the pocketbook.

  4. Nothing wrong with a little cheeseball or four. I love crock pot meals on Sunday too! I have so many meetings some days, that it's nice not to have to worry about it. I'll have to show you the menu boards we made in RS. They turned out cute. I like it because I'm tired of answering Taylor when he asks what's for dinner. Now I just point to the sign.