Since starting the new blog and this:


I feel like I don’t take very many random pictures. So here are the few that I have.


I have documented my OPI obsession here. I bought “Rainbow Connection” weeks ago but I just couldn’t bring myself to use it. It’s just so dang pretty and glittery.


But finally I broke down and glittered all of us Girlies.



While we were looking for something in our garage I rediscovered this train set. It is about 7 yrs old and it’s been in storage because it is so big and we really don’t have a good place to play with it. Since we got it out Ham has played with it almost non-stop.


I am not sure how long I can handle having it literally in the middle of everything. But as long as he is having fun I guess I can just keep stepping around it.



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  1. Love the glitter toes. The only problem with that glitter polish is trying to get it off.

    I'll bet Ham is super happy you found that train. Hope it doesn't drive you bonkers.

  2. looks like Ham is enjoying the train set...

  3. I know what you mean about those toys!

  4. Since I'm fairly new to the chaos, I didn't know your obsession with glitter polish. It really is gorgeous.

    Ya, we had a train once upon a time.......it was huge and was always in the way.