Menu Monday

Anne Taintor cooking

I am sure you were thinking you would see an actual menu…well not so much.

I am just hopeful that we eat a few meals that might include something more than cold cereal this week.

My question to you is what do you have for dinner when there is only a 2 minute difference between when people come home and you have to leave again?


  1. String cheese and then a fro-yo later.

  2. I need to know from Tammy what a fro-you is!? No idea. Gogurts, string cheese, rolls, pbj's, - mcdonalds? But, if all else fails, cereal sounds good too!

  3. Chicken fettucini.
    Easiest recipe in the world. Just make sure you have the ingredients on hand.

    Cut up a chicken breast into pieces and marinate in some soy sauce and some sugar and some garlic. Don't ask how much cuz I have no clue.
    Just some.

    Cook fettucini noodles according to directions.
    Cook the chicken pieces.

    In a separate bowl put in a cube of butter, a cup of cream and a cup of parmesan.

    Drain your noodles.
    Pour into the bowl and add the cooked chicken.

    Toss and serve.
    Seriously it's divine.

    OK the soy and sugar thing is about a tablespoon each.

  4. crock-pot meals.. : ) They are fast and yummy...
    I love fro-yo.