Thanksgiving Weekend Wrap-up

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It was full of family, fun and food.

Big Daddy’s family had a mini-family reunion with his immediate family of 2 parents, 4 siblings, 3 in-laws and 12 cousins.

We started the weekend out right…with a Thanksgiving Feast. It’s funny how this meal is planned and then so much time is spent cooking and baking and in mere minutes it is over.


After our Thanksgiving meal everyone took time to play and relax. And yes in Arizona it meant some of the kidlets took a dip in the pool…and others didn’t (because I am the meanest Mom ever).


Later that evening we shared our many talents. We had everything from jokes to music to poems to skits to songs. We are a multi-talented family…I use the word talented loosely. And I never thought I would associate my Thanksgiving with Jim Carrey, but from now on he will play a part of my memories.


The next day we all went to hang out at Grandma and Grandpa’s house to just play and have more fun.


Saturday morning started at Coons Bluff and involved ropes and harnesses and some very brave family members. I just watched and took pictures, there was no way I was going to climb up the mountain to come back down again on a rope. Other people were more daring, including a 5 yr old. Steven was the first to come down the mountain. Followed by Big J, who wasn’t too impressed by the whole deal. Henry came next…and yes he is 5! Nathan made it down and Thomas. Einstein came over the edge and at the last minute decided that rappelling wasn’t for him. Roo got harnessed up and started down the mountain then got hit by a gust of wind and luckily she was still close enough for Uncle Steven to haul her back up. Preston was by far the fastest down the rope. and I didn’t get a good picture of him. Big J decided to give it another shot and had much more fun coming down the second time. And my heroes are Christina and Julie who rappelled down like professionals.


After the rappelling we came back to our house for lunch and Minute-to-Win-it games.


Sunday was the one of the highlights of the weekend with Preston and Julie blessing their new baby girl. It was fun sitting in Sacrament together as a big group (because Preston’s family was there also) and watching the cousins sit together in their little groups.


After church we spent the afternoon together just enjoying being together as a family.

It was really a wonderful weekend. Thanks to Big Daddy, Sherri, Julie and Steven for all the planning and work that went in to it.


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  2. Hey I'm coming to your house next year for Thanksgiving.. YOU all know how to party...

  3. The warm weather hardly seems fair. There needs to be a blizzard in there or something.

    The meal looks fabulous. I love the countertops...my are ugly so I'm always looking at those first....sick I know.
    Great family pictures. Uh, about the oreo on the eye...part of the game? Or was someone pranking the sleeping people.

    Looks like great fun.

  4. Looks like a great time! We usually heat the hot tub so we can get in after dinner, but this year we were indoor couch people.