Mud? What Mud?

The Boyz had a fun and mud filled day on Saturday. Poppa Willie “planned” it, but it was Uncle Morris and McKay that did all the work to make it a fun day.

The day before it had rained and it was a little chilly that morning…and still the Boyz didn’t want to take a jacket. I think they are glad they brought them just to humor me. And thankfully Uncle Morris had extra coveralls for them.

Check out those amazing views.


McKay, Einstein and Big J.


Einstein got a turn behind the wheel.


I think Uncle Morris was pretty brave turning the Polaris over to Big J. Or maybe the brave one was Poppa Willie for riding with him.


They took a small break to practice skipping rocks. Einstein didn’t know how to skip rocks before today and he ended up with the most skips in one throw.


I don’t think they would have had nearly as much fun without all the mud.



Uncle Morris, the Boyz are ready to go any time you are.

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