It’s Baaaack….Menu Monday

Anne Taintor cooking

Look at me planning my menu for the week!

So without out further ado…

  • Monday – Chicken Pot Pie
  • Tuesday – Tacos or maybe Tostadas (they are pretty interchangeable at our house)
  • Wednesday – Baked Potatoes
  • Friday – Pizza
  • Saturday – hmmm, good question
  • Sunday – Roast

If I include something in our menu that the recipe is listed on A Pinch of Chaos I will just link to the regular recipe, not a gluten-free version. If I come up with any new recipes they will be gluten-free, but still yummy.

The Chicken Pot Pie recipe that I use is from my Betty Crocker cookbook. There are a million different versions. The only difference is I will be using frozen gluten-free crusts. I have failed miserably at making a good homemade gluten-free crust so why bother when Whole Foods sells good frozen ones?

Yes we still have pizza. We do one of two things when we have take-out pizza: 1. we get Einstein a gluten-free pizza from one of the pizza places that has gluten-free crusts, or 2. He has a frozen gluten-free pizza. Usually he has frozen.

Have a delicious week!

And let me know what you are fixing tonight…


  1. I have no idea what I'm fixing for dinner. Glad I came over here.
    There was a lady that taught a home making lesson years ago and she said that if she didn't know what she was fixing for dinner after breakfast dishes were done, it was too late.

    She would have starved at my house.

    Thanks for the ideas. Even though I only have my 20 year old at home now, it's still a good thing to do. Saves money.

  2. I'm glad there's more places starting to have gluten free things. I always think of you when I see them.

    Let's see....tonight is probably meatloaf, tomorrow maybe clam chowder, Wed- ? Luvpilot will be gone so it's kind of a free night, same with Thurs. Friday will be Famous Dave's for FIL's bday and Sat. might be Cheesecake Factory for my bday. I deserve to have my own night out and not combine with my FIL, right?

    We had Chicken Pot Pie this weekend and then Indian Tacos...tonight Minstrone Soup

  4. Ummmm...yea that was ME! I didn't know Kira was logged on my computer.