Friday Instagram Love

I am more than a little smitten with Instagram.

I have noticed a few blogs link up for InstaFriday over Life Rearranged and decided to jump on board.

These are a few of the pictures I have taken this week.


On Monday I was going to grab a quick little nap, when I pulled back my blankets I found these two little bundles already there warming up my spot.



On Tuesday I spent a few mind-numbing hours helping Big Daddy’s office do a traffic study. It made me realize how blessed I am to be able to stay home with my kidlets. It was so hard to leave that morning and know the kidlets had to get out of the door on time for school and with everything they needed for the day. And then again to be gone during homework time and have them be responsible for getting dinner started. During those times I sat at this intersection counting cars.


A few of those cars I counted were from the sheriff department. I didn’t realize at the time they had stopped where Big Daddy was and were questioning him. I guess 5 different cars at 5 different intersections around a few school made them a little nervous. I had no idea of the drama while I was making my little tick marks.


And after participating in a small traffic study I came up with reason 367 why I am not an engineer. Reason 1? Me no likey math.


I know some parts of the country are being hit with snow while we in Arizona are enjoying near perfect weather. But there are a few signs of fall.



In anticipation of Thanksgiving we may have jumped the gun and enjoyed a few pumpkin pies.



Getting LaLa ready for her school program.





  1. So fun!! Who needs to write in a journal? Blogging is so much better. Love your picture perfect week.

  2. Love the pictures - and can't imagine making traffic ticks. WAY too boring!!!

  3. I love instagram too. Fun pictures!

  4. I'll have to check out the instagram thing - such a fun way to document your day or week. I feel what you mean about being able to stay home. I've had some early morning appointments recently and it isn't any fun leaving everyone behind. Thanks for being such an awesome blog friend Lene! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week :)