A Fun and Full Weekend

Last weekend was chock full of fun.

Friday was Einstein’s 12th birthday. 12?!?

We decided to change things up a bit and let him pick the restaurant for us to have dinner. He chose New York Pizza Department.


They have a pretty good gluten-free pizza.

And a yummy regular pizza too.




After dinner we went home to celebrate with family. Of course I don’t have pictures of anyone but Einstein…duh.



Soon it was time to make a wish.


I sure hope all of his wishes come true.


On Saturday we went to celebrate Grandma Jo’s birthday.

This is her with her AZ grandbabies.


We didn’t stay too long since we needed to get home to get ready for our church’s Trunk of Treat.

It didn’t take Big J long to get ready.


He went as a teenager wearing black. Surprise!


Dang kids growing up and not wanting to join the fun.

It took a little while longer to get Einstein ready.


He was scary.


Roo was a hippy.


How convenient that she had jeans with holes in the knees. Grrrr


LaLa was a kitty.


I don’t remember how much I paid for those kitty ears, but they were a very good value. The girlies fight every year about being a kitty.


Ham was an astronaut.


His was the only new costume this year thanks to a huge sale at The Children’s Place. Because when it comes to costumes I can’t stand to spend very much money.


I think they looked awesome.


We had so much fun at the Trunk of Treat. The kidlets all took off and hung out with friends. Every once in a while they would come and check in with me. Ham couldn’t understand why I didn’t let him go and run around with his friends. Hello little man you are still only 4?!?

On Sunday it was another special day.

Since Einstein turned 12 he was ordained a deacon at Church.

photo (1)

Big Daddy’s family came to church with us to be there for his special day.

Here are the men of the family.

photo (7)

We couldn’t go without taking a picture of the girlies too.


With Big J around that was easier said then done.

photo (4)

Then after church Big J was set apart as the president of the deacon quorum. If that all sounds like a foreign language you can read more here.

A very proud Big Daddy and his Boyz.

photo (10)

I think these kidlets are pretty amazing.

photo (11)

I can’t believe how my family is growing.

photo (3)

On Monday it was the day the kidlets had been waiting for. And since we had gone to the Trunk or Treat on Saturday you would think it would be easy to get ready, but not so much. Most of the kidlets decided to change their costumes. Good thing we have a big o’ box of costumes from over the years.

Alrighty then…

Einstein went as a jogger.


He wasn’t going to dress up but came up with the idea at the very last second minute.


Roo decided to go as a devil.


A devilicious devil.


LaLa took Einstein’s costume from Saturday and girlyfied it. That may not be a word in your house, but it is in ours.


We called her LaLaBoo.


Ham had to be an astronaut again. Gotta love that face.


He wanted to change, but I knew that the astronaut costume wouldn’t fit anyone else so I made him wear it again. I am such a mean Mom.


Big J went as a “Candy hander-outer” and he was perfect.


Now what do I do with all this dang candy?


  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. It's great to meet awesome women.
    I wandered around here and enjoyed myself.
    Your family is beautiful.

  2. I like the LaLaBoo costume. Connor has that same Whimpy Kid tee. It's so amazing to see our boys turn 12 and receive the Priesthood. Way to go E!