Me Oh My OPI

So when do you cross the line from a collection to hoarding?

I’m afraid I may have crossed it.

For the longest time in the Ulta Beauty Club one of the free items you could get was a bottle of OPI nail polish. Whenever I had the points that’s what I chose. There were also times that I couldn’t avoid the buy 1 get 1 free sale. And on a very rare occasion I would buy a color I couldn’t resist even if it wasn’t on sale.

42 bottles worth.


Aren’t they pretty?

In all of those bottles there is only one duplicate color.


But they aren’t true duplicates, one is Golden Rules and the other is Bling Dynasty. Huge difference.

Ulta took OPI off the beauty points rewards so I’ve tried other brands, but I just don’t like them as well. I really hope the put OPI back on the reward choices. At least a have a good supply to last for a while.


My new favorite color?


Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window. It’s part of their Touring America collection.


  1. My daughter Em would be in heaven.

  2. It looks like you could open your own store. But I have to agree, OPI is the best.

  3. Just like a girl can never have enough bling she can never have enough nail polish.