Maybe I Am Famous


I think that whenever someone has a bad customer service experience or retail experience they tell as many people as possible, but I don’t think you hear about good experiences nearly as often. Well I’m going to be different. I want to tell you an experience I had:

Since we start school in the middle of summer, there isn’t really a need for new school clothes, but there is a need for new school shoes. There are some things that I think you get what you pay for and shoes are one of them. I don’t like cheap shoes that fall apart. So I don’t mind buying “good” shoes (yes, there are times I associate brand names with good). We headed to our local Famous Footwear to find shoes for everyone. As usual, they had their buy one get one 1/2 off sale. After finding shoes for the 5 kidlets our total came to $161.90. Not bad considering that we had a couple of pairs of Vans and a few pairs of Chucks. We also left that day with a rain check for the “get one 1/2 off” pair of shoes. I was planning on maybe getting a pair of shoes for Momma. Fast forward almost 2 months and believe it or not, Big J needed new shoes for Church. So again we headed to Famous Footwear for our “1/2 off” pair of shoes. Don’t judge, but I let him wear Vans to Church. They are all black and he only uses them for Church. When we got there that evening the shoes that he wanted were on sale (yippee) but the size he needed were sold out (bummer). The sales clerk (her name is Katie) said they could just ship the shoes to our home for free. So he would have to go a few more Sundays with tight shoes. Oh well. Then when she rang up the new shoes the price came to…wait for it… a refund of $8.23. What the what? Since some of the shoes that we had purchased earlier had gone on sale we were refunded the difference in price. So we ended up with 6 pairs of shoes for $153.67, or about $25 per pair of shoes. Not bad for Vans and Converse.

So Thank You Famous Footwear for your great customer service. And they have a pretty good reward program too.

And again I will add my little note…I wasn’t paid for my opinion. I am more than happy to tell people what I think for free, but if someone wants to pay me that would be awesome.

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  1. I love Famous Footwear. Even more since they moved by us!