Hair’s to Today

I am struggling with the best way to do these hair posts. If I save them up and do one post at the end of the week it’s a huge post, but I don’t want to do a daily post and have this blog turn into a hair blog. What to do? How would your rather see a hair post?

Now on the the important stuff…the hair.

I have had a bunch of questions about the Curlformers so here is a clip on how easy they are to use.

How to Curl Hair with Curlformers

1. I finally found the perfect product for smooth shiny curls with the Curlformers. I tried curl cream and gel and I didn’t like how heavy it made the hair and the curl wouldn’t last. This works great, and no build up on the hair:


This is how the curls turned out using this spray.


2. We did a simple look on Roo. Just pulled one side back in a flower. Her hair is so smooth and silky (poor thing) that clips don’t stay very well in her hair, so I pull it back in a little pony and clip the flower on that.


3. The next day I used the leftover curls for a super easy look on LaLa.


It’s a regular pony tail, but the instead of pulling the pony all the way through the hair band you just pull it halfway and make sure the ends are on top of the pony. This is what it looks like from underneath.


Happy Girly


4. LaLa felt bad that Roo didn’t get her picture taken because we didn’t do anything for her hair. She wears her hair plain occasionally for a couple of reason 1) she has beautiful straight, smooth hair, 2) it doesn’t get all messy even if she plays all day at school. So here is Roo au natural.


5. On this day I did two braids on one side of LaLa’s part


and one braid on the other.


I brought them back into one braid in the back and flipped it up with a hairband.


And curled the ends under with a flat iron.




6. We had more fun with braids. On Roo I made 3 little braids right behind her bangs and then braided the 3 braids into one braid.


7. This is the original fancy hairdo I did on Roo many years ago. A simple ponytail divided into 6 rope braids.


To add a little flair I just flipped the ends up.


Simple and sweet.


8. The next day I took the rope braids out and did a single rope braid into a bun. It was quite messy.


And then I realized it was completely off centered…so threw a little flower.


All better.


9. I did this pretty look on Roo and then when I was looking through one of the hair blogs I found this. I must have seen in and stored it away in my brain.


Now I am going to show you a couple tricks.

10. LaLa had a simple pony (with wet ends)


and you would think that would be enough, but NO.


She wanted a bow.


And if you have ever sent your girly to school and by the end of the day the bow has gone missing here is a trick to keep them secure.

You need one of these:


Loop it around the clip on the bow


And then pull it under the pony and hook it on the other end of the clip.


And then the bow stays where it’s supposed to be.

11. Roo likes to wear these crocheted hair bands. (They aren’t just for putting bows on bald babies)


But they don’t stay on very well, so I hold them in place with a couple of crossed bobby pins behind each ear.


Thumbs up!


See? I told you it was going to be huge…


  1. I love that spray! That's what I use in my hair and in Celes'! I discovered it a couple months ago and have gone through a lot of it since then!