Five Little Speckled Frogs

I live in a desert. A dry, hot desert.

One thing that makes living here easier is a pool. It has only been in the last two years that we have had a pool in our backyard. Before that we had to rely on the kindness of friends and neighbors to enjoy the benefits of a pool.

We have spent most of our summer keeping cool in the pool.

Now we are in our stormy season and in the evenings we have huge dust storms that roll in. If we are lucky that dust will be followed with thunder and lightning and rain. The storms are truly magnificent.

There is a major drawback to these storms.


They seem to drop from the sky.

And frogs like water.

Our pool is full of water.

In the last week we have had frequent visitors in our pool…at least 5.

This morning there were 2 frogs swimming around.


I don’t like frogs.


The pool filter doesn’t like frogs.


And yet they still keep coming back for more.

There were no frogs harmed in the writing of this post. They were carefully removed from the pool and released in a safer environment.

Did you know that some frogs in Arizona are protected under the Endangered Species Act? Me neither. I don’t think the pool filter knows that either.


  1. Oh I love Arizona Monsoons!
    and I like frogs and geckos!!
    I just hope the pool "daddy" doesn't mind frogs in the filers...GROSSS

    what is green and red and goes really fast in a blender???

    yep... a frog in a blender...

    well, that about made me throw up...guess the tummy is not feeling quite as creative as the brain.
    Love ya

  2. Awe...I love your froggies!! I highly recommend a Frog Aquarium.

  3. we have found one frog in our pool.....

  4. Connor would be in absolute heaven. We haven't had frogs in our pool, but we have had a cat and a dead mouse. I would prefer the frogs.