It’s Nice to Meet You

Our last two evenings have been spent “Meeting the Teachers”.

Last night I took Ham to meet his teacher, but since she has been his teacher before it was just a nice time to visit with Miss Kim. His teacher may not have changed this year but most of the kids in his class are new.


Then it was off to a different school for the Girlies to meet their teachers.

LaLa’s teacher is new to our school. She seems really nice and since LaLa doesn’t know the meaning of the word shy she was immediately comfortable with her.


Then it was off to “meet” Roo’s teacher.


Roo was so excited when she found out she had Mrs. P.

You see she has been waiting a long time to be in her class.

Since not only did Einstein have her,


but J had her too.


She has the most amazing classroom. I took pictures of it once, but I need to do it again to share. If you like Harry Potter you will love her classroom.

All during this time Big J and Big Daddy were at the jr high meeting the teachers there.


He is just lucky I didn’t come with my camera. Can you just imagine how embarrassing that would be for a big 8th grader?!?

Then tonight the middle school had their “Meet the Teacher”. Of all my kidlets Einstein has been the most excited to go back to school. He is a little nervous because his main teacher is new to the district and he doesn’t know anything about her.


He knows his math and science teacher and isn’t too excited about it. Good thing he is a good student that can just go and get the work done and be fine.

Later this evening the kidlets were given a Father’s Blessing to help start the new school year. I am so glad that Big Daddy is able and willing to do this before the new year.


I love having my kidlets home with me and this summer was so much fun.


I am going to miss them while they are at school. Good thing Ham only goes to school 3 days each week and his first day isn’t until Thursday. I can ease into an empty house slowly.


  1. I still can't believe they are going back to school so soon.. Hello it is July

  2. Oh, my the children are so grown up. My heart just aches that I did not get to see them this summer. But, I know that is part of them growing up...they are going to keep getting busier and busier. Hopefully next year I will feel good enough to make a road trip to see you! Or even before then.

  3. dont worry, you'll ease into it quickly. set up a few lunch dates with girlfriends, and enjoy.

  4. You're so good to get pics. Not only did I not get pics at meet the teacher night, I got none of the first day of school. I think I'm still in denial.