Since our summer is coming quickly to a close I better get busy and get the end of last school years concerts posted. And as a warning you will only want to sit through this post and the videos if you really love us and are willing to admit how cute and talented my kidlets are. You have been warned. And if you can stand how horrible I am at making videos. But I do have to defend the shakiness, most of these were made with Ham sitting on my lap and he doesn’t not know how to sit still.

This last year Roo was in her school choir. The end of the year play was “Rats”.

Roo and a Rat (well she isn’t really a rat, she just plays one on stage).


The Boyz are both playing percussion in their schools bands and by the blessings of the Band Gods the schools had their concerts together.

Somehow I didn’t video any of the middle school band actually playing, but just imagine a middle school band playing beginning bands songs… Yep it sounded just about that good. You can’t even really see Einstein, but it looks like the band director is pointing to him there in the very back.


In the jr high band they get a chance to play different instruments so I was able to get a good shot of J. Yes I know it is blurry, but still a good picture.


The Trash Can Band also performed that night…with an awesome solo with J on the boom whackers.

I kept panning the grandma in front of us because she was totally rocking out to the beat.

My two little drummer boys.


Our final concert was LaLa’s Kindergarten Graduation.

This video is horrible, just be patient during the blurring beginning. It was my favorite song that they sang that night.

Here is LaLa with her teacher Mrs. N.


And she might look familiar because she has now gone 4 for 5 as our kindergarten teacher.


So that is how our May ended.

Pretty darn entertaining if I do say so myself!


  1. I think every middle school stage looks the same.....

  2. Is it me or is this summer going really fast? At least you got these posted before school started again.