I Am A Mom

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I don’t know if you noticed…Sunday was Mother’s Day.

And I am a Mom.

And I had a very Happy Mother’s Day.

And I am happy that I had a very happy Mother’s Day.

And I am not going to apologize for it.

And those were a lot of sentences that began with and.

I also got a message from someone that read my blog saying that I shouldn’t brag so much about being happy about Mother’s Day. Because not everyone gets to be a Mom and it isn’t a happy day for everyone.

I totally get that.

There were many Mother’s Day that I just wanted to curl up and make the day go away.

My Mom passed away in April and that first Mother’s day without her was horrible. I missed her terribly and I didn’t know how I was going to survive without her. There were many years that I didn’t attend church on Mother’s day because it was so hard.

I know there are many women that haven’t had the opportunity to be married and be Moms.. I didn’t get married until my late 20’s. At one point I didn’t think I would ever get married and have babies.

Also I have had plenty of family and friends that have struggled with infertility. Even after getting married and having babies we had issues with Secondary Infertility and had to resort to using fertility treatments to get pregnant…and ended up losing that baby.

I understand the pain that the day may cause.


I have never thought that others shouldn’t celebrate because it might be painful for me.


I am a Mom.

I have 5 beautiful children here on earth and 1 angel baby.

I was blessed with an incredible Mom and I am who I am because of her.

And I am not going to apologize for that.

This person also went on to say that we should just celebrate women, not just Mothers. And I get that. There have been other women that have touched my children’s lives, but they don’t have children of their own. I am thankful for them and in no way do I want to take anything away from them.

But considering I have been cut open to get these babies out of my body, puked on, peed on, pooped on, I have pulled teeth, kissed ouchies, cleaned up endless messes, spent hours driving here and there, and spent countless sleepless night worrying about my children I don’t think it’s too much to have one day to celebrate Motherhood.

And seriously? If you read my blog you would have to know that I live my life for my children and I love being a Mom.

And I won’t apologize for it…

And I still celebrate President’s Day even though I will never be the President!


  1. I never had to be cut open, but pushing them out is no picnic either. haha. I love this post. My mom's mom died in 2001 right before Mother's Day--like the Thursday before it. I think she still struggles with that one. I know I would. (((hugs)))

  2. I hate that someone is struggling so much that they don't want others to celebrate. I'm sad for them. I hope that something happens in their life that will take away that hurt. But you should celebrate and enjoy your day. I also hope that the person who commented finds other blogs to read whose topics are decorating or cooking because they will only continue to be sad if they read your blog which is a documentation of your life. A life that is full of stories of motherhood.

  3. Well put. I agree with you 100% and I am one that struggled with fertility issues too.

  4. I've never understood the mentality of those who begrudge others their fortune, their happiness, their joy. That somehow we'll all feel better to know that everyone else is as miserable as we are and that no one has managed to escape the mud puddle. I see that same mentality sometimes in church. Don't let anyone know that life is good for you...someone might feel bad. We all have our ups and downs, strengths and disappointments. Kudos to you for your joy...don't let others dim your light. (Talking to myself too obviously - been there, done that - can you tell?)

  5. Good for you! I'm glad that you are celebrating being a wonderful and happy mom and that you had a happy and spoiled mothers day. I did too!

  6. I found you through MMB I thought this post was lovely! There were many years that I couldn't get pregnant and although Mothers Day was hard for me I never wanted it to be horrible for anyone else either! Celebrate, you totally deserve it!

  7. I've heard a lot of people (mothers included) this year that have expressed on their blogs how much they dislike Mother's Day. Who knew? I didn't. Glad you had an awesome Mother's day with your family.

  8. Well said! I appreciate your insight and how you chose to respond to that person. I especially like your reference to the president.
    That was good.