SPT – Winning

In the last few weeks all the kidlets have had at least one dentist appointment and we still have a few in the coming weeks. We had gone a few years without any cavities. But not anymore.

“Ham totally shot to hell our no cavity record.” – via twitter

But we can’t just blame Ham, LaLa has two little cavities also.

But thankfully the three older kids have kept up the great work without cavities.

Our dentist has started a new program where the kids that don’t have cavities enter the “No Cavity Club” that includes a drawing.

Big J, Einstein and Roo are all members of the “No Cavity Club”, and today I got a call and Big J had won the drawing.


Don’t you love his big smile?

The prize?


And a happy kid with new songs on his playlist.

And hopefully we will add more members to the “No Cavity Club” in about 6 months.


I took this picture as we were leaving the dentist office and I realize why there are times I feel so overwhelmed.


They have me completely outnumbered.




*** I completely swear by Smart Rinse by Listerine. Since the older kidlets have been using it they have been cavity free. ***


  1. I recognize that place.

    We used to have a club like that when I was first a dental assistant. I had totally forgotten.

  2. You might be out numbered but I'll just bet you can out smart all of them put together.

    Love the Easter eggs falling. It makes me want to pluck them off the screen and eat them.

    And that header picture...the perfect food!