Easter Weekend Round-up

We had a fun Easter Weekend.

It started on Thursday evening when we took the kidlets out to eat and then surprised them with a trip to the “fee-ater” to see this:


It was a cute movie. I thought the theater would be more crowded, but it was us and about 10 other people.

The kidlets had Friday off of school and it was a pretty laid back day. I had the chance to go to lunch with a couple of bloggy friends that I hadn’t met IRL before. Donna and Michelle (her blog is on hiatus right now) were so sweet. And I didn’t take a picture of us together and the only other picture taken didn’t turn out. Saddness.

On Saturday morning the Easter Bunny made his annual visit. In the last few years it has really bothered me trying to juggle the fun traditions of the Easter Bunny and the true meaning of Easter celebrating Christ and his Resurrection. So I made arrangements with the Easter Bunny to come on Saturday and I must say it was one of the best decision I have ever made. Saturday morning was relaxing and the kidlets had all the time they wanted to check-out their baskets. The Easter Bunny is VERY conservative with what he brings to our house so it didn’t take very long. It also didn’t take long for the kidlets to be fairly hopped up on Easter candy.


And for some reason my holiday mojo has been completely off this year and we didn’t get eggs dyed before the Easter Bunny showed up. So Saturday we headed out to dye our 54 eggs. When the boyz were little I never attempted to dye eggs with them. As more kidlets joined the family I had lost my mind decided we would started dying eggs. It wasn’t a big deal and I wondered why I hadn’t dyed them all along. Well Saturday I realized why I had avoided it for so long. We had 2 cups of dye completely spilled, clothing ruined and a Mom-tantrum. It was delightful…Not!


Finally Easter Sunday was here. It was a blessed, quiet morning. The Easter Bunny actually did make another visit and left pictures of Christ for each of us to help us remember what the day was really about.

Traditionally we visit the LDS Temple in Mesa and take pictures. This year we were short on time and we were dealing with a pretty windy day so I grab a few quick shots of the kidlets in our front yard modeling the new dresses and ties.


5 happy kidlets...well almost.


My pretty girlies…


with their new blingy shoes.


I wish they made shoes like this in my size.

We finished the weekend by having a yummy Easter dinner with Big Daddy’s family…and again no pictures.

I hope you all had a Happy Easter too!


  1. LOVE it! Although, I was looking forward to temple pictures. I love the pretty dresses and your boys are studs as always.

  2. Love the girls' dresses!

    The Easter Bunny comes to our house on Friday night too. I'm sure he was glad that you switched since he was already in the area.

    Sad I missed lunch.

  3. Lunch was so much fun. Thank you for taking time out of your busy weekend, to have lunch with me.. I am also bummed about the picture..
    Next time I am in Az, we will get together again...
    Looks like your family had a wonderful Easter..
    Love all the pictures...

  4. The kids look wonderful.
    I gave Kira your advice about visiting with the Easter bunny so you can enjoy Sunday.
    I wanted to see a picture of your neon foot!
    and now you can breath...no holidays for a few months...well not counting mother's and father's day.
    Love ya

    Very cool you got to hang out with more blogging buddies.

  5. You have a good looking bunch of kids!

  6. Fun times. I've never been to the Mesa temple. I should go. That movie looked decent, but alas, we'll probably just wait until it's on video.