Potty Talk and an SPT

Starting in March 1998 I started on a path…a path of pee and poop. My first child was born and with him came the unavoidable diaper duty.

Before Big J was potty trained Einstein was here and I had 2 littles in diapers. As soon as Big J was ready, he potty trained quickly. It literally took 1 day to train him, but only because I waited until he was ready. I was willing to be patient to avoid the power struggle. Then before Einstein was potty trained Roo was born and I was back to 2 littles in diapers. Again Einstein was just as easy to potty train as Big J but not until he was old enough to be ready. In one day he was done. And everyone always said girls were easier to potty train so I was ready to get Roo out of diapers. Well everyone lies. She wasn’t very easy to train. And I was pregnant with LaLa and desperate to have Roo out of diapers before I was back to double duty…again. The delivery countdown was coming close to the end and finally Roo was out of diapers. I had about a month with no diaper. Then it all started again when LaLa was born. Back to diapers and all that crap. And soon there was Ham and again double diaper duty. I knew with the problems potty training Roo there was no way that LaLa was going to be easy. But I was wrong and it wasn’t that hard to get LaLa potty trained. I just had to wait forever for her to cooperate with me. And I was down to just one in diapers. And I knew there wasn’t going to be another baby coming. I knew that the days of diapers would finally end. Unfortunately with all of Ham’s sensory issues potty training was going to be way down the list of things we would be taking on. But sweet fancy Moses the kid is four. Do you know what kind of things a four year old eats? Well I do and it wasn’t pretty. I also realized that he was finally “getting” it. And it was time. I have to admit it wasn’t flawless. There have been accidents and incidents but I stuck it out and was patient and calm. Which for me right now is saying a lot…

And finally…


He has done it.

Ham is completely potty trained.

And now we are left with some leftover pull-ups.

So we decided they make great Potty hats.


I try not to think of the amount of money that we have spent on diapers. I can’t even imagine the sheer numbers of diapers I have changed.

I am just glad it is done before I need diapers for myself!


  1. hehheeeeee...I LOVE the Potty Hats!!!!
    You have had your turn in diapers that is for sure...
    Come see us in a couple of weeks...we will have two little bummy's Celes and baby H to change.
    Way to go HAM!!! Aunt Niece Loves YOU!!!

  2. That picture is awesome, first of all!!! Second of all, CONGRATULATIONS and WAY TO GO HAM!!! And third of all, after the struggle it was to potty train my first 2 (my last 2 are still in diapers) I can't imagine anyone ever saying it wasn't so hard to potty train. I HATE POTTY TRAINING, and I pray that I will have the experience of saying, "It wasn't so bad to potty train [so and so]" with one of my last 2 kids! :-)

  3. YAY for you!! And congrats! Love the pull up hats. I hate potty training, and I've only done it once, and it was fairly quick and painless. I'm avoiding doing it with max, though really, he's pretty ready. I just hate messes. But, I AM ready to be free of diapers.

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  5. I am so glad that you are going to be comming to visit for a couple of days...that way you will have a way to cope with your diaper withdrawls. Love you and little Hammers...and your party hats...er...potty hats.

  6. Yeah, I wouldn't think about the money spent on diapers either if I were you. But it does beat washing them.