Wordful Wednesday

Usually Wednesdays around here are Wordless Wednesday, but not today. And I almost missed all of the excitement.

Today was our school district Spelling Bee and Big J was one of the spellers. I had an invitation but had misplaced it. I thought it started at 10:30 and Big J told me he thought it started at 10, but really who listens to a 12 yr old. So this morning I was getting ready to go and thought I would call and find out exactly what time the Spelling Bee started…and it started at 9:30. Oh no. So I grabbed the littles and headed over to the performing arts center…

And walked in right as Big J was spelling and there were only 5 kids left. At first I felt a little bad, but then realized that I missed all the unimportant stuff and got there just in time for the Big Show.

Oh and got there without a camera…so all the following pictures were taken with my phone. Which is a great phone, but a crappy camera.

So quickly they were down to 4.


And then three.


And then it was Big j and Luke.


And these two guys went round after round after round…


and then Supremacy and then a misspelled word and finally L I T E R A C Y!!!

And he won! Woo Hoo!!


Here is the group of all the kids that competed. I would say they all did a good job, but since I missed most of it I am just assuming they did.


I am so proud of my little speller.


Now on to regionals on the 17th of February.



  1. Woo Hoo Big J! Congrats, congrats, congrats!

  2. I taught him everything he knows...HA!
    You have the most awesomest kids EVER.
    Congrats J!!!

  3. Great job Big J! I am always so nervous when they're up there. Maybe you can make him study for regionals instead of like Taylor who didn't study and thought it would be just as easy as the other times.

  4. WAY TO GO BIG J!!!!

    How excditing!!!

  5. @Tammy At least the administration at his school is really excited and setting up a practice team to help him. Unlike Taylor, considering they didn't even have his name spelled correctly on the school sign.