A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Doctors

Since Ham had his birthday it was time for his yearly check-up. On the way there I was telling him some of the things that the doctor might say or do. With a kidlet like Ham the more prepared he is the better. I told him the doctor would want him to count and would probably ask him to say his ABC’s. Then I told him that the doctor would probably ask him his colors. Not a big deal.

We started playing the color game and I would ask him the color of cars and trucks around us. There was a blue one, a yellow one, a red one and since we are in Arizona there were lots of white ones. Then we passed a cement truck and he said “Look that truck is like a rainbow. It’s red, white and blue.”

Then he said, “Like that flag that is for the state of Arizona. It is red, yellow and blue.”


I guess if he is able to point out our state flag and the colors of it I shouldn’t really worry if he can count to 10.



  1. I LUVA my sweet Ham.
    I sure have been missing him.
    So...did he blow the doctor away with all his great knowledge and personality?

  2. I love it when they surprise us with what they know.

  3. Pretty bright kid you have there. I'm sure he aced the doctor's exam.