Esophagogastroduodenoscopy with an SPT on the Side

Yesterday morning started dark and early for Roo and I.

On Friday afternoon the GI doctor called and said they had time on the schedule Monday morning for Roo to have her upper endoscopy…or esophagogstroduodenoscopy. Since there wasn’t school and I would have built in babysitters for the littles I set up the appointment.

There wasn’t much conversation on the drive to Phoenix Children’s, neither one of us are morning people and are pretty quite until we really wake up. Once we got to the hospital she was a little more talkative. I asked her if she was nervous and she said not really. I think talking to Einstein had her calm and ready for what was ahead.

She was excited for the cute hospital outfit. Einstein didn’t think it was fair that she got pants.


And even more excited about the Beanie Baby they gave her.


I think the nerves finally hit while we were waiting…


and waiting…


and still waiting.


It is so hard to leave the exam room after they put them under anesthesia. They seem so helpless and little.

And I was sent to the waiting room…to wait some more. There isn’t a book in the world that is good enough to make that time pass quickly.


She was awake before I got back to the recovery room. I think she was happy to see me, but not nearly as happy when they took her IV out. Poor little thing.


The procedure went well. She had one little bleed that they were able to take care of. Her insides looked normal, nothing like Einstein’s. So now we wait for the results of the biopsy and hope we can figure out why her tummy hurts all the time.


  1. poor girl.. I hope you find out soon. Waiting is so hard....

  2. Man, you guys have really been hit with health challenges the last little while. I hope they find the source of the problem and that it ends up being minor.

  3. That's weird that she looks normal but still has pain. And so not fun!