Somehow this week I missed an important day for Embrace the Chaos.

It was my blogoversary. Three years ago my blog started with this little post.

Never in my wildest imagination did I think I would still be going after 3 years and 747 posts.


Who knew I would be able to come up with so much to say about our silly lives.

There are so many things that have changed in that 3 years. A new house. A new job for Big Daddy. New schools for the kidlets. New pets.

The biggest changes by far have been the kidlets.

This is what they looked like when this blog was started.


And here they are now.


Just a bit different.

Big J was just 9 yrs old and no where close to being as tall as me.


Now I look him eye to eye, and see an amazing young man.


Sweet Einstein was an 8 yr old little boy…with no front teeth.


And now he is a handsome man-child who is wise beyond his years.


My sweet Roo was only 5.


And I am watching her turn into a girl who is every bit as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.


My little LaLa was still a toddler at 2 with a suckie and blankie and an attitude.


And now she is such a sweetie that brings so much joy and girly in my life.


And baby Ham. He wasn’t even 1 and we were faced with so many challenges.


And now a see a normal little boy with a bright future ahead of him.


And me? How have I changed and how am I the same?

I am still a wife and mother and a homemaker who struggles with all the responsibilities that go with those titles.

I still enjoy being a hermitess. My home really is a comfortable place for me to be.

I am happier than I was 3 years ago.

I am sure I weigh more than I did then…not too happy about that. I can’t believe I used to do posts titled “Fat Butt Friday”. Really? You don’t have to worry about being subjected to that ever again.

I am still drinking Dr Pepper…and probably always will.

I have realized that life is less about the stuff and more about moment.

I worry less about what the future holds and tend to enjoy life as it is now.

So here’s to a wonderful 3 years come and gone…and I look forward to more years

Embracing the Chaos


  1. Your children are beautiful!

    Happy Blogiversary!

  2. I am so glad that you blogged, because you totally got me hooked on it too, plus introducing me to so many amazing people through blogging.
    I love you little sis, you are growing along with your children, and it is so wonderful to see you so very happy.

  3. OH YES....Happy Blogoversary!!!

  4. Happy blogoversary.
    Thanks for sharing your life with us....

  5. Wow, look how they've grown!

    Fat butt Friday?? I must go read some of those posts.

    I have a feeling I missed an anniversary awhile back...or maybe one's coming up.

  6. Loved your site great pix, from a children author of Concord, Ca.


    I'm spending a lot of time checking out blogs in all 50 states.

  7. So...basically you're saying that lala hasn't changed a whole lot either. : )

    I heart your blog and your amazing way at looking at life.