‘Tis the Season

Last night was the beginning of our Christmas concert season. And to start it off right we had a 3-in-1 night.

Our small town had it’s Hometown Christmas celebration and some of the local schools were performing, including Big J’s and Roo’s.

Our night started with the jr. high band.


Big J took his turn playing the marimba.


The kidlets had fun listening to them.


And Ham enjoyed the fresh donut holes.


This was what my view looked like for most of the band portion.


After that came the Trash Can Band.


They have added a couple of new songs to their playlist. Including one where Big J plays the cymbals.


It’s always fun to listen to them perform.


After that we had an hour wait for our elementary choir to have their turn.


We didn’t have a very good view of the choir performance.


I am glad I have a pretty good zoom on my camera.


The choir sounded amazing. Big Daddy thought maybe they were lip-syncing to a soundtrack. Nope, they just sounded really good.


After the concert Roo had to text her adoring fans…or at least Grandma.


After that we we jumped in line to see Santa. After standing in a fairly long line and not moving at all we discovered this:


Santa had taken a break. Really? You can’t just sit there for three little hours? You have to go “feed the reindeer”? Whatever. After explaining to crying kidlets that we weren’t going to stand in line for another half an hour just waiting for him to get back and we could go visit him at the mall, we left the line. And wouldn’t you know it. Right as we got up to his fancy chair that silly, little elf showed up. I wanted to go and kick him in the shins. There was no way we were going to go and get in the very back of the line again. So more wailing and gnashing of teeth…and the kidlets were still crying.

Thankfully there was a distraction to take our minds off that damned silly Elf.

The firemen came to our rescue.


The kidlets thought it was pretty cool to get to go check out the engine.


And not a reindeer in sight that needed fed!

And for those of you that don’t think Arizona is cold enough to have snow…


Funny how it just fell in that one little strip.


  1. What? Where are your coats and hats and mittens and mufflers...oh ya, you live in AZ. I know where Santa was, he was in some restroom wiping off all of the sweat. You know that other "A" state where he came from has sub-zero temps this time of year.

    It looks like your holiday's are off to a great start.

    Your girls' dresses are ADORABLE.

    Thank goodness the firemen were there to pull up the slack.

  2. I loved J's Santa Hat!!! YOU ROCK! Where was it with the trash can band?
    As always your girls look so cute and E, STOP growing!
    I can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks!

  3. We weren't there (I had bunko) but as we were driving by and they were setting up, I mentioned to Luvpilot that I love how our little town does things like this.

  4. Sounds like a busy night! The girls outfits are adorable!

  5. I am getting SO excited for you to come here in a few weeks! I think that we are going to come do Christmas morning with you guys this year!