Glue Gun 1 Me 0

I am glad that Big Daddy let you know of my little injury.

I feel like such an idiot…I am not safe to use a glue gun.

By far the burn to my middle finger on my right hand was the most severe. This is what the blister looked like a few days after “the incident”.


And this is what it looks like now.


The profile looks pretty nasty. It’s strange because I don’t really have feeling in that finger tip, but it hurts if I touch anything with it. Does that make sense?


This is what's left of the burns on my left hand.


It’s nice to actually be able to completely open my hand.

And all of this for this wreath…


that is just okay. I wanted to get burlap ribbon to put on it, but I kind of lost my enthusiasm for finishing it.


  1. Holy Cow!
    That does look painful!
    I am glad it is healing up nicely.
    Your wreath turned out really CUTE!
    See you in a Month!!!

  2. Such a cute wreath- sorry that it had to come with such a yucky price!!! Be careful my dear friend!!! So glad that it is healing ok and you are ok. Miss ya!!!

  3. I would totally blame the wreath. I'm surprised you even let it hang on the door.

  4. I've been waiting to see the offending craft project. It really did come out cute. There's always next year for the burlap.
    That finger looks so sore!! ouch!