Capturing November…One Day at a Time

I have continued my picture-a-day on Facebook. For the month of November I decided to switch things up a bit. I thought of taking pictures of things I was grateful for each day, but I was afraid there would be way too many pictures of Dr Pepper. So instead I decided to take pictures capturing the date, somehow, in the picture. I even made rules for myself…well, because I am a nerd. The picture had to be taken on that day; by me, I cheated on this one three times; with my phone, hence some of the crappy pictures; and I couldn’t just write the date, again cheated twice but it was worth it. I did delete one picture and replace it with a better one, just once. I thought about doing that a second time, but I didn’t because I didn’t want to break my rules…I know, I am a freak. But a freak with scruples.

So here is my month of November:

day 1day 2

This is the one picture I replaced. I had originally taken a picture of an aisle sign at Target then realized…duh! I have a perfectly good 3 yr old at home.

day 3

day 4day 5day 6

Big Daddy took this one because my arms aren’t nearly long enough to get all of us in one picture. I am thinking about using it for our Christmas card…only because I look really, really good. Does it matter that half of Big Daddy’s face is cut off? Or that Ham is looking down? I didn’t think so.

day 7

Very tough picture to get with a stupid phone, and horrible lighting. grrrrrr

day 8

day 9day 10day 11day 12

Big Daddy took this one…my hands were still bandaged from the burns.

day 13

Camera phone + bad lighting = crappy picture. But it was a brilliant idea.

day 14

day 15

This is the day where I realized the math freakiness is taking hold of me. I was having a hard time finding a 16 that day and when I dropped LaLa off at school I looked at the clock at 11:55 and immediately thought 12…and in four minutes I would have 16. How could I pass that up?

day 16

Big J took this one…because I didn’t want to get out of the car in my jammies to take it.

day 17

This one I had been waiting and waiting to take and worried they would be moving the bales of cotton before I had a chance to get a bale with the right number for me. And what’s a little trespassing to get a picture you need?

day 18

Totally broke the rules, but worth it for squid ink. Yes, that’s right, squid ink. Einstein’s class was dissecting squids and he had just enough ink for this and a note that said “Hi Mom!”. I felt special.

day 19

day 20day 21day 22

This is the other picture I would have replaced. I searched all day for a 23. Hello? Every container of Dr Pepper has a 23 on it for a blend of 23 flavors. Shameful that I missed that.

day 23

day 24

Again another cheater day, but it’s whipped cream. How can that be bad?

day 25

day 26day 27

12 + 5 + 11 = 28. Yep, it’s a math thing.

day 28

I had been looking for a 29 and just happened to notice my odometer when I was at the school to pick up Ham. Perfect!

day 29

day 30

Can you tell which is my favorite? Only because I look really good…Right?

This was a little harder than I expected it to be, but it was fun.

I plan on taking a daily picture for December. Maybe come up with a different theme or just random shots.

But I am sure there will be rules involved!


  1. The best kind of 19 is a squid ink 19.

  2. For being a total Geek...I LOVE everyone of them.
    You are way to creative!