I Know That My Savior Loves Me

Today was our Primary Program at Church.

All the children in our ward have parts to perform during the program and there are songs that are sung in all the wards. The last song that the Primary children sang today was:


And seriously…Why did I not pack any tissues in my bag today?


Einstein wasn’t able to go to Church today (more on that tomorrow) so we left Big J home to keep him company and Ham stayed home to keep them both out of trouble. I am still not sure how that all worked out, but the house was still standing when we got home.

That left the Girlies to represent the Chaos.


Roo’s part was pretty simple and straight forward: When I was baptized I made a covenant with God.

Oh and the little duet she sang on one of the song verses. She did amazing. I know I’m her Mom, BUT she has such a pure and sweet singing voice.


LaLa on the other hand had this little doozie: John 5:39 “Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.”


She didn’t quite have it memorized, but did a great job. And speech issue? What speech issue?!?

Here they are waving to all of their fans…Okay it was only Big Daddy, but still.


And this is the true picture of Miss Sassy and Miss Frass.


I sure love these sweet little girlies and am happy they are mine.



  1. I always look forward to the Primary Program . This year i will only have one children that is still young enough to be in the Primary Program..
    Thanks for sharing you day with us..
    Such cute girls..

  2. Don't you wish video cameras were allowed for the primary program?

  3. Excellent. Now that my boys are both in it, the primary program is truly my favorite meeting of the entire year.

  4. Your girls are adorable! We have a primary of about 3. We are in a branch, in the middle of Utah. It's sort of depressing sometimes.

  5. Ours is next week. My son promises he is going to go up there. We shall see. He has yet to make it all the way.

    Beautiful pictures of beautiful girls.

  6. I have always wanted to ditch out of the primary program...ok maybe I should say...I usually skip out of the primary program.
    But, I would have loved to hear the girl's parts and to hear them sing.
    Love ya girls!
    Can't wait to see you real soon.

  7. I always love primary program week. Sounds like the girls did great!

    I mostly love the program because for several years we thought we'd never get to have children to be part of it (and I'd go home crying). Having and opportunity you believed would be lost to you always makes it sweeter!

  8. Oh what beautiful pictures!!! And Primary Programs are emotional for me too with kids! This year, I'm in charge of it though---blah. Doubt I'll get the same emotion, haha!

  9. They totally rocked their parts & Rachel DOES have a sweet voice! This is one of my favorite Sunday of the year ;)