My laptop is dying a rather slow and agonizing death.

I knew she was having a rough time lately, but Friday she really let me down. I have a couple of posts ready to go and she is holding them hostage…including all of my pictures. So hopefully in the next day or two I can get her up and running again.

I tried bribing her with chocolate, but no deal. Which is crazy because that works for me…and LaLa.

I really can’t complain. She is 8 years old and has lived a good life.

Thanks Big Daddy for letting me borrow your computer.


  1. Oh no! So sorry. My Sd card contaning over a thousand photos bent a couple weeks ago and I can't get the data off. My only hope is a friend of a friend might be able to salvage it. crossing my finger for you and for me girl!

  2. Oops, it's me from a happy heart blog - I forgot to relog in and Michelle....off to do that now!

  3. Mine is on its last legs--which is why we got me a new one. About 7 or 8 of the keys don't work, 3 are missing, and it can only live on life support. I mean really what kind of life is that? We determined pulling the plug was the most humane thing at this point. I sure hope you can salvage your pictures before she quits.

  4. Let her go... it will be alright. Just let her go. She's with Bill Gates now. Wait, Bill Gates isn't dead? She's with some dead nerds now.

  5. Ah man! I'm sorry. It's such a handicap NOT to have a 'puter.

    Holy heck! I just had a BRILLIANT idea! I will e-mail you through Facebook. Now aren't you curious to see what it will be?

  6. I'm so sorry. Nothing worse than computer problems...well maybe car problems that is!