Alice Said It Best…

School is out for the summer!

And it wouldn’t be the last day of school without me running all over the place.

The day started with an award assembly at 8:30, but since Ham wasn’t awake yet we missed that one.


The second assembly started at 9:15. There Einstein was awarded Principle Honor Roll,




and for being on the Principal Honor Roll for all 4 quarters he received a certificate Outstanding Academic Excellence from the President of the United States.


He also got perfect attendance this quarter…I am not real sure how that happened!


I love this shot of Einstein and Q. These 2 boys are always neck in neck for grades, but that doesn’t stop them from cheering for each other and are good friends.


This was Einstein’s last year at the elementary school and he is having a hard time saying goodbye. I think the fact that he had an awesome teacher doesn’t help when you have to move on. So next year he will be at the middle school.


I had my morning timed down to the minute and since that award assembly ran a few minutes long the kidlets missed their bus so I had to drive them to school and then hurry and turn around and head to the middle school for Big J’s assembly.


At his assembly the Math Team finally got their certificates.


They came in first place for the 6th grade Math Challenge…and would have gone to state, but because of budget cuts there wasn’t a district that could put on the state competition. Pathetic.


This is his last year at the middle school and next year will be moving to the Jr high school.


At the end of the assembly the 6th grade sang a song…which I thought was a nice touch.


But I had to leave early to head back to pick up the kidlets from their school.

Ham is going to miss his teacher. She has been wonderful with him.


This was LaLa’s last day of preschool and she will be starting kindergarten next year and will be going to school with Roo. I don’t have a picture with her teacher because Miss N has been gone this week with her son who is graduating from the Air Force Academy.

After picking up the kidlets we stopped home long enough to drop backpacks and get a quick drink and then back in the ol’subooboo to pick up Einstein and Roo.

Thank goodness Big J just walks home from school.

But for now they are all home


and ready for


summer fun!



  1. I am all so ready for summer fun. BUT we still gave till June 11th.

  2. Congratulations on another safe and successful year, kiddos. You all make me very proud to be your Big Daddy. And great job on the blog, Lil Momma.

  3. It really is sad about the math competition. I hate when things have to be cut because of funding.

    I had to laugh because Connor said he didn't care if I went to the assembly or not because he was just getting the same stuff as always.

    Taylor still has a week left, so summer has only begun for one person in our house.

  4. Oh man, we still have 4 worthless days left. I am a bit jealous.

    Looks like you have some great kids there.

  5. Congrats to the kiddos on such a successful year! Way to go kids!

    Even though I don't have any kids home anymore, I still get so excited about summer vacation and all of the end of the year hoopla! Who doesn't love summer vacation!!

  6. We have 2 more weeks. Now I will sigh.... *sigh* and I will now say... WOW! Congratulations to all the kiddos. They all did amazing! And wow about the certificate from the Pres. That is something!

  7. WOW...you amaze me how you are always are always able to juggle the awards ceremonies and the many places your kids need to be.

    I know you have to be so happy that Summer Break is here!