SPT - (non)Extreme Makeover


From Lelly: i was just sitting here musing over a challenge for spt, and it struck me that tuesday is salon day!! thank goodness!! (remember a few years back, i mentioned that i was very picky about who cut my hair? but, over time, i had become the mad crazy mom who snuck into great clips after work.)
i recently became the mad crazy mom who has decided to make self-preservation (i.e. hair cut and color) a priority. i've been visiting the salon on a regular basis for a few months now. i secretly love having a salon to visit! having someone with a vision for my hair, and who won't cringe when i ask her to streak some funky colors into it, has made a world of difference.
a cut and/or color can be an easy way to feel hip and trendy (am i the only one who struggles with NOT feeling hip and trendy?!?) there are a million little ways to get a mini-makeover, even when a visit to the salon is not on the calendar.
what's YOUR secret to feeling and looking fabulous?

Lately I have been struggling with looking and more importantly feeling fabulous.

I feel extremely frumpy and dumpy. Not a good combination. I have been in the keep-it-short or grow-it-a-little struggle with my hair, right now I think I am stuck in something close to a mullet…which is never a good thing! Hormones are wreaking havoc with my skin. And the weigh issue…I don’t even want to go there!!!

But I do have my little way to make me feel a little pretty and feminine.

I have my nails done…and this visit I went a little blingy with the nails.


And since my sister has been on the waitlist for her heart transplant.

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I have added one more detail to my nails in tribute to her.


A heart while she is waiting for her new heart.

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  1. the last time i had my nails done was for my wedding. Almost 17 years ago.

  2. Love the nails. That's one thing I never get to do with my piano playing.

    I had been feeling frumpy for awhile. It made me grow my hair out, and go on a crazy extreme diet. I like the results, even though I need to do another round of my diet (said while stuffing chocolate chips in my mouth).

  3. your nails look great! i'm much better about my pedi's than my mani's anymore. but "back in the day" i always had my nails done, and loved adding bits of bling.

    the heart is perfect!

  4. Lene...You made me cry...
    thank you for thinking of me in such a visual way...
    I love you!!!
    See ya in a week!
    YEA I am STILL #1 !!!!

  5. I think the last time I had a mani and pedi was when I was preggers with my boy who is now 4.

    Love your heart for your sis!

  6. Oh that heart on your nail is perfect! I love it!

    I used to get my nails done faithfully every 2 weeks so they always looked nice. Unfortunately, we're not allow to have "fake" nails at work so that ritual went down the drain. I miss my pretty nails.

  7. OMGOSH....I've been trying to grow out my hair, too and I think I'm at the mullet stage. Addi was my hairdresser that I could say "do whatever" and I knew I'd look good when she was done. BUT, she moved back to Washington almost 4 weeks ago and I'm afraid to go to anyone else!

  8. I can't function with nails. Everything seems difficult for me. ha! I LOVE THEM and wish that I could. You're are fabulous and I love the decal for your sister.

  9. I love that tribute to your sis! I tightened my budget a year ago and my beloved nails had to go....only for a while, I hope! Because I have man-hands & nails make me feel pretty.

    I get ya on the frumpy feeling. Gak! It's the pits, feeling that way about yourself (i know! i'm feeling the frumps!), but you have such a beautiful smile--how could you ever think yourself frumpy???