SPT – Hello Old Friend


She Photographs on Tuesday

I am so glad Lelly is back doing her SPT challenges!

From Lelly: “what better way to ease back into the spt routine than to kick off with an easy "challenge?" it's been long enough that i feel like having a little homecoming party. would you like to come?!?”
”you don't need to bring anything and please don't stress out about what to wear. it'll just be a gathering of friends, doing what friends do... sharing stories about what is new in life.
go ahead: snap that photo!! tell us what you're doing today - a few words, a few sentences, a few paragraphs... it doesn't matter. but make sure that beautiful self-portrait is front and center!!”

Today is my busy day of the week.

I have gotten up, made my bed, showered, dressed, got the kiddos off to school, did the dishes, swept the floor, folded some laundry that has been waiting to be folded, did more laundry…and put it away and not in a basket, did a little ironing, played outside with the kidlets, while they did this


I did a little of this


Then made the kidlets lunch, got the kidlets on the bus, ate some lunch, goofed off on the computer and maybe I will get a little power nap.

Then I will pick up the kiddos from their school, stop by the library, then go get the kidlets from their school, supervise some homework, do a little tidying, referee a couple of arguments, kiss my husband, run to the store for a couple of things, fix dinner, eat, do the dishes, hang out with the fam, help kidlets get ready for bed, get kidlets to sleep, have kiddos get to bed, watch a little TV or read and finally SLEEP and pray that no little people think they need Mom during the night!

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  1. Love that SPT is back! We are on Spring break and it rained all day:( we might have to go bowling tonight? Enjoy your sun!

  2. that made me beyond tired...

  3. Ah power naps! they're the best.

  4. I am so excited that SPT is back!

  5. i would love to spend a few moments in the spring sun with a book!! nice to see you today!

  6. I always wondered what SPT meant. Now I know.