SPT – Give Me a Break


From Lelly: “come on, we all need one... that hour we use to splurge on a massage or a pedicure, that workout at the gym, those fifteen minutes when we hide in the bathroom while our families lie in wait just outside the door...
what do YOU do when you need a breather? please share”

Even as a child I loved being transported to another time or place by the pages in a book.

When I need a little time away from the Chaos that is my life I still find joy in that escape.

After we moved this last summer I lost my little corner of the world with my favorite chair so now my favorite reading place is in my bed.


The only problem is that it is so comfortable, before long I end up taking a whole different kind of break.


Which isn’t all bad.


  1. That is my type of break too.

    And I tend to have the same problem.

  2. Oh I love to read, I don't sit down often enough to do. Or when I do sit down, I don't have anything around that I want to read.
    I would love to just get lost in a book right now. I have a lot of time coming up where I am going to be just waiting in the car- your post makes me think I need to swing by the library!

  3. I love getting lost in a good book but have the same problem if I read in bed. I love to read in the bathtub.

  4. I cannot read in bed. Five minutes and I'm out.

    Love the glasses, very cute and sassy.

  5. I think that is why I never read.....because the bed is my spot too and I cant get passed a few words before that sleep thing happens!!!

    I love the first picture of you! you look so cute with your hair and glasses! I miss seeing you every week!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Easter photos! Little man is getting so BIG!!! :( I miss him!!!

  6. adorable! i can't read in bed for this very reason...

  7. Oh how I love to read. And oh how I do not give myself that precious time. I need to. I know it. My mom used to lock herself in her car and read. We never could find her! And the funny thing is, she always did that. Haha.

  8. How did I miss so many posts??

    I forgot that you lost YOUR spot.