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I have a problem. Well, really I have many problems. Oy vey do I have problems.

But I have one problem that I want to talk about. It hasn’t always been a problem, but recently it has started to bother me so it has become a problem.

I am addicted to Dr Pepper.


My day starts and ends with Dr Pepper. And there are a lot a few sprinkled throughout the day.

And I like it. I really, really, really like it. I like the sound of a can being opened. I like the feeling of the first swallow. I like the taste. I really like the taste.

But I don’t like the fact that it’s bad for me. I don’t like the chemicals in it. I don’t like that I am consuming acid. I don’t like the empty, sugar filled calories. I don’t like that it has an ingredient that if I don’t have it my head hurts and I am grumpy.

And diet isn’t the answer. I don’t drink diet soda. Ever. I have a very personal and real reason to avoid drinking diet soda. It has to do with my little cancer tumor. So diet isn’t the answer.

I just need to finally make the decision to give it up.

That’s a hard decision for me to make.

Have you heard that smokers have a hard time giving up the ritual of smoking as much as the actual cigarette smoking. That’s how I feel about Dr Pepper. It’s such a integrated part of my day.

And the headaches. Don’t even get me started on the headaches. I have headaches on a daily basis. They are the type I can deal with. But the thought of withdrawal headaches…oh boy I hate those headaches.

And I have a huge butt little weight issue and I know if I stopped drinking Dr Pepper I would have an easier time losing weight.

But I think I might be getting closer to quitting.

But I am not quite sure if I am ready.

Maybe tomorrow.

Or the next day.

I promise I will let you know.

Because when I do I will need to be accountable to someone.

Because seriously I can’t trust myself around this little can.



  1. I miss Dr. Pepper almost as much as I miss my family...

  2. mine is pepsi, in a can, no a 2 liter bottle will not do. i wan to hear the top pop and fizzle..
    but i usually only have 1 or 2...
    or .....

    right i know you know

  3. Pepsi is my downfall but I've cut way way back this year, and when I do drink it, it's diet.

    Since I don't like diet drinks, I find I drink less.

  4. I get it. I don't have the same addiction, but I have my own addictions. It's hard. I know you can do it, but it's gonna have to be when you say so. Those headache pills that have caffiene in them help.

  5. I loved Dr. Pepper, too, until I stopped drinking caffine. Sad day! But way to go on being honest with yourself about having an addiction. More power to ya! You can do it. Heavenly Father can help you if you really want to. I believe in you.

  6. Oh lene...I think you read my mind, although my nemesis is a little red and white can that says COKE in big letters. I too think daily that I need to escape my addiction. Then I rejoin reality and think that there are worse things...like all that butter my mom puts in my food!!!