Give Me a Break

Last Friday started with Big Daddy on one of these.


He flew up to Salt Lake to talk to the company that hired him for the temporary position. There were a few kinks that needed worked out on the job. Hopefully they are worked out and everyone will be happy for a very long time.

Poor Harley. It was like he knew that Big Daddy was not just at the office. I found him sleeping on Big Daddy’s blanket…which is a big no no.


Friday morning I had 3 award assemblies at 2 different schools that I needed to be to. Since I still don’t have a clone Big J came up with a solution. He stayed home with the kidlets and then I just had 1 school to be to.


What a huge sacrifice he was willing to make!

I headed to school with Einstein and Roo for their award assemblies.

Roo was first. She was Student of the Month in her class.


Einstein was Student of the Month. (Yes his eyes are closed…dang it)


He also got a Music award.


And for the 7th straight quarter he made Principal’s List. These are all the 4th graders that made it this quarter.


He is so cute. He makes sure he stands up there until I give him the thumbs up that I got a picture of him. I wonder where he gets that from?!?


Since the other 3 kiddos were already home I brought Einstein and Roo home with me so we could get an early start on Spring Break!


Later that afternoon Big J got ready to leave on his first real campout with the Boy Scouts. He is a tenderfoot and getting ready to turn 12 so they invited him to join them at the district camporee.


He was pretty serious about filling out the paperwork to before he could go.


And of course I couldn’t let him go without giving him a kissy mark.


This is after he tried to wipe it off. I was a little tempted to not tell him I left a mark on him, but I didn’t want him to get teased too much.


Later that evening Big Daddy got home from a long day in Utah.

And Big J got home from his campout on Saturday.

And Spring Break has officially begun.

No school for 2 weeks. No work for 1 week.

Lots of family time and fun.


  1. Sounds like a busy few days. My son Jakob will be 12 in May. He was able to go in a scout camp a few months ago. LOVED it. :)

    I hope your family has wonderful spring break.

  2. I had to stop and think if Luvpilot was working on Friday. He wasn't. So do we know yet if it will be permanent for Big Daddy?

    Aren't dogs so intuitive? Our lab would sit on the rug by the door and mope until Luvpilot returned. He definitely was daddy's dog.

    Yay for awards and spring break!

  3. Lucky! We only get one week for spring break.

  4. Awesome job Einstein and Roo! way to go! Have a great spring break.

  5. It totally wierds me out that Big J is turning 12. It really, REALLY seems just like last week that he was a wee little sunbeam in my class telling me that you were moving to a new house with stairs. HOW can this much time have passed? OY! Well anyway, enjoy your spring break.

  6. I about had to take a nap!
    and Poor Old Harley, it about broke my heart.
    Have an amazing week!

  7. Wow- What a busy schedule.. And what a good boy to stay home and babysit. Hope everything worked out with Big Daddy!! Are you going to move to Utah?