Wearing Red

Friday was National Wear Red Day for women's heart health. This is a cause that is very near and dear to me.

The Girlies and I were proud to wear red.


We wore red for: My maternal Grandmother who passed away when she was 38. My Mom who passed away when she was 52. My Sister and her remarkable story. My Aunt who just celebrated 8 years since her heart transplant. My Aunt who died in the recovery room after surgery to repair a hole in her heart.

None of these women suffered from “typical” heart disease, but that doesn’t mean heart related issues haven’t affected our family. The first time I went to a cardiologist he looked at me like I was crazy to come and see him when I was so young, until he heard my family history. And that isn’t even taking into account my Dad’s side of the family.

When David’s sister Jules came over on Friday night she and Miss T were in red also. It made me happy!


I know I want my heart to be healthy so I can be around for a long time!


Our Hearts. Our Choice.
Speak Up to save lives at GoRedForWomen.org.


On a less serious note, I love the shirts I found for the Girlies for this day. They couldn’t have been more perfect. Red with a pink sequined heart and a steal at $4. Gotta love Target and their Valentine’s Day clothes.


  1. I love you!
    Thanks for thinking of me too.

  2. I think it was this time last year when you really supported this that I first started following your blog and really admiring you. You are such a great example to your girls and a great support to those you love. I really admire you-- like that.

  3. I totally forgot wear red day. It makes me sad I forgot.

  4. there are many women in my family also starting with my great grand mother i wore red for 2 days!

  5. That is so cool! I wonder if I had red on friday?? Dang didn't even know it was Red day. I would of dressed my girls in red too...

  6. I need to buy something red so I'll have it for next year. Red is not my color, but I would wear it for this reason. Thanks for raising our awareness.

  7. I forgot about this. Grrr. There is heart disease on both sides of my family but nothing like yours. Wow. Good for you for telling the doctor of your concerns, and good for him for listening.

  8. YESSSSSSSS! I love it!!!!!!

  9. Just reading old posts...wow thank you for always being there for me. You are truly my dearest friend and BESTEST sister in the world.