Two Weeks Down and Please Let There Not Be Many More


Today was 2 full work weeks since Big Daddy was laid-off. One whole pay period. Forty hours where he should have been at the office.

When he came home on the 8th we were pretty much just shell shocked. And then being the doer that he is Big Daddy got right to work taking care of everything that someone that doesn’t have a job has to take care of; like a new resume, unemployment benefits and calling a ton of people. While I kind of fell apart. I don’t do stress well. I would have a panic attack when it was time to do the laundry or brush my teeth or use anything -- because I was worried about using the whatever it was. Who knew when or how we would get more. Yes, I was a bit fatalistic in my thinking. That’s where my half-empty personality comes in to play. The first week was HORRIBLE. Very stressful. Then Sunday afternoon we had our home teacher, who is also in the Stake Presidency, come over to talk to us to see how we were doing. He is such a kind and wise man. He had been in a similar situation before and talked about some of the stresses and trials we might experience. And really said some things that we could relate too, already.

This week has been much calmer. We have a realistic picture of where we are. Big Daddy has talked to quite a few people and has some leads for jobs. And I am back to doing laundry without totally panicking, it doesn’t mean I enjoy it any more.

At one point I was pondering why we are going through this. I was trying to figure out why we were facing this trial at this very point in our lives…and most importantly trying to figure out what we should be learning. Maybe I thought if I knew what I was suppose to learn I could do it really fast and the trial would be over. Easy huh? So as I was pondering this I had the thought come into my mind that maybe this isn’t a trial, but a blessing. We weren’t going to be in the right place at the right time if Big Daddy was still working at his old job. At the right place and the right time for what? That I don’t know. But it should be interesting to find out.

But I would like to share a few things:

  1. Don’t ask me if we are going to be okay. I am wondering the same thing myself.
  2. I am not completely depressed. I thought I was, but I think I was just scared.
  3. When I say I am good, I might really mean it.
  4. Don’t avoid me. You can still say hi to me.
  5. Money is fairly tight, so maybe I can’t go to lunch with you. Unless you want to go on a picnic to the park with the kidlets.
  6. BUT if you are going shopping don’t be afraid to ask me if I would like to come along. Since I am not able to spend money on fun things it might be nice to at least see someone else be able to. If you did before, don’t stop now.
  7. Please don’t judge if you think that I have spent money. You never know if I have actually spent money or not.
  8. I am not embarrassed. If Big Daddy had been fired for stealing paper clip maybe I would be. But he wasn’t so I’m not.
  9. Humble pie isn’t all that bad, in small quantities.

There is no pride…only dignity.


  1. unemployment was the pits for us.
    we made it.. it was tough.
    you can do it. it takes a lot of prayer. and never giving up on each other.

  2. I am so sorry! I wish I was close so I could come by and give you a big hug! I have been thinking about you and little man! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

  3. 'Lene, what a wonderful and STRONG post.
    and you are right...there is something that you are being prepared to do...and would not have taken the risk is Big D was still at the same job.
    I love you so much!

  4. I can relate to the panic attack about doing the laundry. When we first moved here, I didn't hang pictures, because I figured there was no point since we were going to lose the place we were renting. But that didn't happen, and now that house is ours. It was a rough ride, but we did it. Your list is great!

  5. Sounds like you are doing well. We just are finishing 4 months of employment after 10.5 months of being UN-employed.

    What an experience....Mike wrote up an article for LDS employment office and it will be posted soon on their website.

    About the laundry....I made homemade soap that was good enough (knowing it was temporary) and cost almost nothing. You will be in our thoughts and prayers.

  6. Wow- I love your tips.
    I was wondering how you are doing- how about the kids- have they shown their own version of panic or stress?

  7. Wow- I love your tips.
    I was wondering how you are doing- how about the kids- have they shown their own version of panic or stress?

  8. Unemployment is so hard . So many of my friends and family members have lost jobs this year. My Dad lost is his job this year as well. My Dad is a lot older then your husband, and there weren't many jobs for a man his age. Ryan and i was able mail some $$$ to them and help out some. It was a very stressful time for the family.It took a few month, but my dad found a JOB! I know things will work out for your family.
    You are in my prayers!

  9. There is life after lay off, trust me. And it sounds like you are on the right track. :)

  10. Hi.

    I'm thinking about you.

    And how lucky you are that it is sunny where you live.

    Hope the leads pan out soon.

  11. Lene, you rock!!
    I hope everything turns around real soon.
    Everything works out, that's usually the perspective I like to keep when I'm facing a crisis. My mantra is: "Just put your trust in the Lord, and it'll all work out!"
    Sometimes it helps keep the fear at bay.

  12. I just wanted to invite you a picnic in the park...
    My house?
    How does it sound?
    Let me know...

    Love you to bits.

  13. I'm so glad he's found something temporary (and maybe permanent). It is a faith promoting time in life, for sure, and everyone handles it different. Thanks for the list so we know how to handle you.

  14. And for the record, I would totally bring you laundry soap if you ran out.